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  1. Thanks to all who commented and those of you who offered assistance. I didn't contact support as I wanted to try and give it some time to see if the matter would clear up. I tried the code again and it worked this time. It just took a while. The only reason why I bought a card is because I'm a victim of the dreaded 80808 error. I contacted support about that, but I'm still waiting for a response. I guess for now, I'll buy way less gems and stick to cards.
  2. Thanks for the link, but I've been buying gems and playing this game since launch and never had this issue. I see I'm not the only one. I hope it gets fixed but in the meantime, I guess I'm out $25.
  3. That's very unfortunate. Sorry to hear others are having this issue. I would think this kind of issue would be resolved quickly as it means loss of revenue.
  4. I am trying to redeem a gem card digital purchase from Best Buy and getting this error code. I've been trying to buy gems now for about a week. I've read through the 80808 thread but was not able to find a topic on this code. I hope this is just a fixable error. I've already spent the money. Please help.
  5. I'm a returning player to GW2. I played GW1 and pre-ordered GW2. Played at launch but quit the game after playing Heart of Thorns. I just got bored and the game felt a little stale to me. I reluctantly bought HOT only because I felt a bit nostalgic for the game. I have to say I'm very satisfied with this expansion. TONS of things to do, huge zone unlocks, mounts, loads of fun events and of course, beautiful world that is a blast to explore. ArenaNet, you've outdone yourself and made the game enjoyable for me once again. Thanks for all your hard work!
  6. If you send me a guild invite, I promise to bump this thread. Oh, wait... Can you send an invite anyway?
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