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  1. For me, the most interfering part so far has been that situational changes to skills that I make persist between maps/play sessions and do not reset back to what the "template" was set to.Since you haven't mentioned that in your list, it makes me wary that that functionality can not be supported fundamentally because it would require an extra "template slot" to act as a "current template slot" into which actual persistent templates would be copied.
  2. The falling damage change is on par with the Chrono rework: it removes tons of minor fun, situational interactions that added depth and variety into the game. Even WvW aside, there are new players that want to go through the vanilla experience without mounts and gliders, there are jumping puzzles, and there are meta shenanigans where those choices added to the experience. Gimmicky revival-focused builds were also fun, that was a specific playstyle that could exist. Was that so much of an issue in PvPs to remove even its possibility from everywhere? Or is it that some database is running out of
  3. Needs ability to tie equipment and build together to load them with a single keybind. (Thus symmetrical 3 equipment templates plus 3 build templates would've been nicer by default.) "Activating Template" notice should definitely include the name of the build: "Activating 'Farm Thief' Template". Needs "persistent" tickboxes in templates so that you can choose to have them revert to original state after you've tinkered with them during a run, and then switched out of them or relogged or reloaded. Needs a "auto-load this when entering that game mode" option. Edit: Needs punctuation allowed in
  4. Does this mean the new team will be reverting the Chronomancer F5-F4 merge that still messes with my 4 years of muscle memory across different classes, and the IP change that removed multiple layers of higher-skill fun, rewarding interactions?
  5. Can you also keybind Equipment Templates?Or rather, can you keybind both Skill Templates and Equipment Templates together, to switch to both with one key (e.g. power build to condi)?
  6. How about some chronomancer tweaks to restore the enjoyability of playing a class with 5 sensible enjoyable shatters and many sensible enjoyable deep micro-interactions to which people got physically used during a significant period of the previous 4 years?
  7. You are not alone in these feelings, even if enough of the vocal people demand constant unrelenting changes. https://i.redd.it/p6p52hczqq931.png
  8. Are you kidding me? Really? I've been playing this spec for FOUR YEARS and I know where the buttons are and what they do. "Oh hey, every driver, you remember where your brake pedal were? Well, that's accelerator now! Enjoy!"
  9. WvW with Warclaw was fun for new players for a nanosecond before everything was nerfed back to how the Only True Gamemode Veterans vocally want it to stay (and die) as.
  10. 1 proper raptor leap in Tyria is worth more than 3 anemic kitten convulsions.
  11. Edit: What do you consider "baseline": speed on foot or speed on warclaw in own territory?
  12. How about that - https://i.imgur.com/aKlLY3r.gif - or that - https://i.imgur.com/SbkbOAO.gif - or that - https://i.imgur.com/sGgY8wN.gif ?
  13. On a related note, since it's the Warclaw thread. Sorry if that looks picky, but the current dismount animation on Warclaw makes me physically uncomfortable - akin to the motion sickness effects of Camera Shake that I disabled soon into the game. The current jump is abrupt and "heavy", as if the character is affected by high values of gravity during the same regular dismount; but while the regular dismount follows the character smoothly, in the case of Warclaw, it sort of - jerks up and then drops down? The effect is either more or less jarring depending on how far you are zoomed in/out and at
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