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  1. The new episode of Living World was really bad for me. Didnt have fun and was really just very bad.No new expansion in 2019 or 2020 was already really bad for me.And I dont understand why.So and now when I play WvW, which very few people do, and thats really understandable.Now I only get silver medal instead of gold when i take a camp without having fought a warden?Thats very common , because you arent always everywhere in time for the fight, and the enemies goes down fast.Like really, its getting to a point where i cant paly this anymore.No new expansion, new content is rare and bad, and now
  2. For me this "content" was worse than nothing.I had no fun at all, the fights took soooo long, whyy??? The other random player in my team in one of the 3 missions said: "Never again" This was worse than nothing.Fix old problems of the game instead of producing this kind of content. And I know they are working on the new expansion.But this should have been out in 2019 already. Where is Guild Wars 3????
  3. Is there Dragon Bash in 2020? And if yes, when is it?
  4. Hello Why is there no Mini of Taidha? What is her armor? Also someone said he wants a Mini of the door at the gate of the covington fortress.
  5. If you want the new map to have a push and pull mechanic similar to WvW.Make the players to choose one of three or two factions (pact, Jormag, and Bengar).Then you should make it so that players have the objective to push back the other enemy faction by attacking their lands and strongholds.But the players cant attack any other players.Players can only attack NPC of the enemy faction.This would make a very fun and interesting map,. the best map you ever made.Also the new mao Bjora is very good really, much better than the last winter map from episode 3.Please repair the winter map from ep 3, i
  6. Wow, this was the worst possible announcement.We just get a new LW episode, which we knew of already. And some useless fluffy things.And only at 17 Sep a short intro.Nothing WvW, nothing real content wise, just really really really bad.GW2 is dead for me.
  7. Yes. I usually dont write on forums. But today I was really upset because of the wrong management decisions. And I couldnt help myself to write it down today.
  8. No Expansion or GW3 coming, instead working on failed mobile games, now layed off more than a third of the staff.WOOOOW!!!!!Thats the biggest possible mess up!The management should fully take responsibility for this giant failure and mess they did.I wont have time and wont anymore play this game in 2020. Not only because the management messed up hugely, but I also just wont have time and got better things to do.I really was the whole time looking forward to play on this new continent I heard of while playing GW2. Cantha. I always, always was looking so much forward to it.Also I would really li
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