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  1. I use the Action Camera and select targets by putting the Action Camera cursor over the target I want to hit similar to a traditional shooter. It doesn't work as well for some classes but works well for the thief. I converted the old CombatMod macro to use ANets built in system. Tab turns the Action Camera mode on/off so the camera works like most other 3rd person view games, left click attacks and right click dodges while in "Combat Mode" otherwise the mouse behaves normally outside of "Combat Mode". The macro also allows for the use of the scroll wheel to be mapped to weapon swap. On telepo
  2. So much this. They could roll thief back 5 years it would be SOOOO much better.
  3. If you are running in a small group, you are going to do best with a glassier Guardian, Necro or Rev. Thief, Ranger, etc are good at solo roaming and such but aren't particularly good in group fights. You want a class that can snuggle with your Eles while pulling, blowing up, etc.
  4. Players routinely misunderstand what balance is in PvP. Balance in the meta means access to meta builds and the ability to counter those builds. Players have access to all the current meta unlike other games where a lot of it is so gear/time dependent only certain players have access to certain builds. There are also counters for virtually every build in WvW. The meta in GW2 remains in a near constant state of balance because of its design. Just because a player chooses to ignore the meta and play something else doesn't make the game unbalanced. What people generally complain about is fairnes
  5. All you would see are thieves and rangers. Every other class would become almost unplayable.
  6. Most players in MMOs have little interest in difficult direct competitive encounters which is why PvP in MMOs is generally lackluster. PvP players tend to want to play PvP based games with a relatively balanced meta and fast respawns. RPG PvP really isn't a major genre in the gaming industry.
  7. IMO the easiest way is to head over to gw2stats, click on your server, scroll down to Income Evolution and you can see the patterns of when the server is climbing in "Income". This is your servers peak times. You can also click on other servers and see if their peak times correspond to your play times. This is a bad week to get consistent results using this method because WvW frequently drops in activity during major events.
  8. I server hop to cheap linked servers all the time just to get new experiences with new players. I find that refreshing even after nearly 10k hours mostly in WvW. I suspect by now there are very few serious roamers that haven't fought with me and against me at some point over the years. That said, I am still waiting for a GW2 WvW replacement that is worth making the switch. Unfortunately it just hasn't happened. As for players spamming in chat, just block them. There are typically a half dozen jokers on every server and the game has a block function.
  9. Because the game designers think long ranged attacks and AoE should be the hardest hitting abilities in the game. Meanwhile almost anything with a short range single target weapon is SoL. Try taking a P/P thief into a fight with a Ranger. Unload is laughable even though it is substantially shorter range, on a character with less HP and has no direct access to stealth to close the gap. Even the venerable backstab which requires significant setup doesn't do as much damage as ranger ripping off pew-pew at absurd distances.
  10. Damage should scale based on proximity and targets. Highest damage being closest and single target. This is where the game lost the plot. Melee damage that requires up close application should really pressure tank builds and require tank builds to employ dodges and such rather than just passive defenses. Ranged damage especially ranged AoE damage should take a significant hit unless it roots the caster.
  11. True. As both a near full time ganker/roamer those damn warclaws make escape a seriously more difficult affair.
  12. I have plenty of GW achievements to go along with my GW2 ones. In WvW, you get credit for tagging players in large scale play so it is pretty easy to rack up a few hundred kills in a couple hours of group play when the fighting is active. No need to kill players one at a time every 2 minutes for 7 hours a day 365 days a year. As for farming for a title, I didn't. I play because I enjoy the game and I am still playing even after maxing out all the WvW achievements. God of WvW wasn't even a thing when I started or finished. My point is that if a person wants to get a "long term" WvW title, it i
  13. I played New World quite a bit before they pulled it to redo a bunch of the PvP mechanics. It was a pretty great PvP game when they pulled it to develop it further. It was solid even in its Alpha state. Early on dying in New World had a pretty severe death penalty with loss of gear which I liked. They retooled it a bit as the game went along and softened it. Sounds like they are going to soften it even further once beta rolls around. My only dig at the game is that it was slow paced more akin to Monster Hunter than flying all around the battlefield. I play too much GW2 with the Action Camera
  14. Thief is absurdly difficult to play well in the current meta. Its best asset is essentially running away. Outside of the annoying Bound D/P build taking stealth on a thief is typically a nerf. DH condi would be a decent choice. Lots of durability, some escape (not a lot) and melts camps as well as mediocre players. There are some interesting Rev builds as well. Classes I loath in small scale fights are typically elementalists, torment revs and Bound D/P thieves. I will sometimes simply avoid condi bunker Necros because the fights take ages. Holosmiths are making a comeback but I find them pret
  15. Thieves are specifically designed to be strong in small scale because they are utterly useless in large scale so expecting to win vs a thief in 1v1 is dumb. However thieves have been nerfed so routinely over the years they aren't even a premier small scale class any longer. There are so few thief builds left that are functional. D/D, S/?, P/P are essentially dead. Rifle on life support. Shortbow pretty much only mobility. D/P and P/D are the only functional weapons left and they have been routinely nerfed. They are now mostly useless outside of plus one in fights, scouting, picking off bad pla
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