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  1. I see streamers do the follwing: their character runs forward, about-faces and runs towards the stream, about-faces again and runs away from the screen, and this is repeatedly done. The camera does not move at all. Now when I try this, hold down left mouse button, press W and use about-face it works just as described and my character runs towrds my screen. But when I use about-face again, my character won't turn around and just continues running towards me. Also when I position the camera to the side of my character and use about-face, the character won't about-face but only turn towards the
  2. Metabattle has this roaming build with a mixture of Grieving, Celestial and Trailblazer gear. Is this really enough toughness/vitality or would you rather go full trailblazer, especially for solo roaming?
  3. I'm new to mesmer and tried the Disenchanter Mirage build in unranked but couldn't get it going (not feeling any learning curve) . I'm now playing the Power Shatter build with much better success. Give it a try, it is fun to play and can be very effective.
  4. How about going for celestial armour to combine with viper/trailblazer weapons/trinkets for a hybrid build or with berserker/knight/marauder for power? Will that work? Ascended trinkets are cheap and you'll use different weapons for the builds anyway, but having two different armour sets is expensive.
  5. If the developers would explain why this fix is difficult or give any other reason why it can't be fixed immediately I would not post a sarcastic comment like I did. That "we can't talk it" mystery behaviour is what causes the upset. This is not new content, so why does it have to wait until a content release?
  6. A bug fix comes with a release of content that adds things to the game and isn't just bug fixes or unplanned hotfixes. Makes total sense.
  7. How does Destruction of the Empowered work with skills that remove boons? Is the damage calculated before or after boon removal? Has anyone tested this yet? I'm considering whether it's worth to take DotE over Brawler's Recovery. The whole concept of removing boons speaks against DotE - but on the other hand, if you deal with conditions through resistance anyway and thus not need Brawler's that desperately, DotE could still be a thing, especially if the damage was calculated before boon removal... What do you think?
  8. I don't have much WvW experience, so maybe I don't get it, but why is repairing a damaged wall/gate hurting the defense? Isn't it better if they get repaired? Or is supply better spent on other purposes? When I see damaged structures in our bases and no fight is going on I usually go and repair them. Is that wrong?
  9. I've had the same issues with Holosmith when I started playing it. I can tell you what I have changed in my build and playstyle, so maybe it will help you as well. I switched to Paladin's amulet and focussed on not dying as main priority. Once I had less trouble surviving I switched back to Marauders but still run Paladin against Power heavy teams.I switched Tools to Explosives (Tools was the Metabattle build at that time) and got used to dodge rolling offensively (thereby preventing overheating as well). That made a huge difference as I started to really pressure the enemies with the additin
  10. I recently started playing Holosmith in PvP (Zan's rifle build) and try to get it to work somehow. I never played classic engineer, only some matches as Scrapper when HoT came out so I have very little knowledge of the class itself. So far I can utilize the build's mobility to help my team by decapping and +1-ing, but when it comes to even fights - either 1v1 or group fights - I'm absolutely lost. I know I have to pratice my mechanics with the class/build a lot more, but I suppose I'm doing things simply wrong right now, like using the wrong skills for certain situatiuons or using them in a b
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