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  1. I just hope removing ally targeting is technically doable
  2. Let's face it, ally targeting makes as much sense in GW2 as a Yamato-style battleship on modern battlefield. Yes, in theory it has some potential, and every once in a while may come in handy. But in 90% of cases, tis just a stupid gimmick that will be more of an annoyance than any virtue. Sharing shroud health means your ally can take a wall of enemy damage, and make your sustain pay for it. Using skills on an ally in reality translates to accidentally hitting teammates and losing dps. At the very least, give us some trait or setting which switches this frankenstein of a class mechanic off. And in best case scenario, rework Specter towards more AoE-oriented support. Throw some barriers on the wells, buff shroud force multiplier or whatever. Sorry anet, but in reality, unique doesn't inherently mean good.
  3. The dumb mech behavior is honestly a valid complaint. And don't even get me started on necro minions..
  4. You should still have more shroud health alone than some classes by default, then.
  5. Remove ally targeting. Yes, I know Specter was supposed to be designed around it, but it simply is not the case in reality.
  6. Maybe I am missing an elephant in this room, but to me there seems to be no point in making it 0.69 + 33% damage reduction, instead of (example) 0.89. The amount of damage one can take seems exactly the same with lower number + reduction and a higher number without it, so what is the purpose of complicating things up? 🤔
  7. Maybe not "every" profession, yet pvp and wvw balance are definitely a 5th wheel of this game.
  8. I would gear a ritualist Specter; https://snowcrows.com/builds/thief/specter/condition-alacrity-spectre A single gear set letting you switch between alac-dps and pure dps just by changing traits - According to snowcrows, you can easily do 30k+ without tryharding on Viper's gear.
  9. GW2's necro is really more of a warlock. Specter seems more necromant-ish than Harbinger.
  10. Just because you jump into a game without doing any research in advance, does not mean so does everyone else, sugar.
  11. I wouldn't call EoD-related living world season a "fluff".
  12. If anet is so progressive, then why do we still have different greatsword animations for humans and norns based on gender? What about the /sit emote? Had anet truly care about some "inclusiveness", we would have gotten an animation choice option long time ago. (probably a gemstore paid one, lmao).
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