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  1. I would said Scrapper can survive in 2v2. but still hard to deal with condition scourge and berzerker dh. the reason for condition scourge can take advantage is because of the map. 2 of the map only got 2 way out and narrow.
  2. is it any other channel can sell my legendary without go through TP?
  3. oic. thanks. i got a little bit of resource in the bank. maybe just able to covered. or i may wait for 3rd gen then 😅
  4. Hi Guys An out of blue question, how much roughy cost to craft a 2nd gen legendary? i currently have a unused "incinerator " if i sell it. is it enough to cover all resource to make " The Shining Blade" ( not included karma, token, and spirit shards, just resource can buy on TP) Thanks
  5. the most devastating achievement is the daily 3 rank match. no matter how hard you work on, still need to take 2 month to finished the lot. which is suck.! 😞 worst and the hardest legendary i ever craft.
  6. Thanks for your replied. i do tried core and scourge on 5 vs 5. but it just not too effective for me. maybe i give it a try on 2 vs 2 again. prepare 2 different type of build. and have a chat with my team mate b4 match start. I understand getting a duo partner or partners is important in pvp. but i am here just for the ascension. 8 yrs in gw2 i never enjoy killing players lol. now I am stuck on the "path of the ascension" achievements. 😞
  7. Hi Guys I am new for PVP. now is on 2 vs 2 season. it feel like it cant use the same build or technique as 5 vs 5. my mainly charater is berzerker reaper. it feel like berzerker is not really suitable for 2vs2. and also once my team mate die is not able to win the match. so is it always need to focus one players and keep alive in the same time? if my opposite is condi necro and tank guard. which one i should target to first? Please give some advice. Thanks
  8. Thanks for your information. i still stuck on " Daily League Participator" atm which is really frustrated. as i know the "League Veteran" achievement is not continuing. it will reset on every part. but thats ok. that achievement can jump over. i am reaching (IV) for that.
  9. Thanks man. its a really good tips. the more i play the more i start to learn some trick. i am not a pvp player. and engineer is always my stock up toon, but i start to have fun by playing my scrapper in pvp. and start to learn some tactic. i tried to deal with 2 players, and most of time i can hold them both for a period of time to let my them mate deal with other 3. also i do use some cheeky skill like knockback, and stun. :)
  10. Thank you for share your experience, in that case i think i am a Bunker then. thats what i am doing in the match. one thing i notice from the game yesterday, me and 2 opposite players on the same point. it feel like the point still turning into opposite colour?
  11. I used to learn 3D modeling / flash video in uni. once the model been created it. its easy to make the scenes. however they only made part of the body. to finish the whole model make take around 15~20 hours ( me as a inexperienced student). lighting, texture those are all built in. it automatically applied from the existing. If they have more then 3 stauff doing modelling. it just 1~2 days' work. how hard could it be?
  12. i disagree your last wording. i cant accept they only make 8s dragon fight cut scene.
  13. it depends. they used to make changed.(cant remember what is about ) due to too many complaints and negative feedback in the forum.
  14. I understand. but to restore trust is a long process. by changing cut scene is a fast quick way to improve. at lease people wont swear after watched that 8s. ( i do). and finished LS 5. they already set us up for hype now this... really no respect to players.
  15. On the last ep. i really dont mind the ending for Primordus and Jormag. but the disappointing is their fighting cut scene. 8s. and we dont even know what Primordus and Jormag body's look like. this is unfair to us. we support and gave hope for LS 5 and to this game . Anet at least show some respect. especially you want us to purchase EOD right?. plz remake the cut scene. given the full body of Primordus and Jormag. ( like how to train your dragon 2 -Alpha Battle scene)
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