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  1. Conflux. and transcendence is not my option. even i have enough resource to make 2 set. they dont stack effect with vision and aurora.
  2. As you said, you need to be lucky to get the achievement done. for raid legendary i think envoy armor is easier.
  3. I understand what you mean. but they should setup the achievement more achievable. and not extremely difficult. all other legendary item if you spent time work on it. you know you can get it one day. ( i had 13 legs, i dont have problems with those) but for coalescence i dont know when i can get it. 1. need find a group to run Q1, 2. the group not ask for KP, and newbie welcome 3. not being kick if you done something wrong 4. the group will successful kill Q1 To meet the above conditions, the probability is really low.
  4. anet should amend, like Misforged Triumplhant, it used require 2000 wvw rank, now is only 500. they should make Q1 easier or achievement no order require for coalescence. or create the item can sell by NPC for maybe like 200g~400g its totally not making any sense why a evolved version of Qadim (QTP) is easier then the original
  5. For all the legendary, coalescence is the hardest and it just ridiculous. i had been working on it for almost 5 month still cant get the achievement done. took 3 month to kill dhuum. and now i stuck at Q1. seriously i dont know why anet need to setup all 3 achievement completed in order. i got full clear for W7 not long ago. and now i have to kill Q1 then to kill QTP again. this is so frustrating. I dont think there will be any other legendary item is harder then coalescence. it just keep getting stuck and spent time for nothing. 😡🤬
  6. for me i prefer dungeon. more then fractals and raid. It is more flexible, i dont need to worry about stacking AR for fractals and strict roles and rules for Raid.
  7. Just saw the new trailer for thief elite. it look like a necro/mesmer. why a thief need to use magic and nerco need to use potion? can we swap between thief and nerco's elite. like thief use focus to have necro potion skill and nerco use sword to have thief new skill. i think will more sense.
  8. most of the legendary require "gift of battle" which is the item from wvw reward track. some of the legendary require " Shard of Glory" its a pvp item but you can but it from tp. none of the legendary can get it by only open world or meta . if pure PVE legendary item, it will be "ad infinitum" , "perfect envoy set" and "coalescence". but those r even harder to get.
  9. IMO there is few way you can get help from. 1. ur guild mate 2. map channel on Dragon's Stand after Meta 3. go to LA and ask in map channel 4. or post request on lfg people in the forum are happy to help you out but not everyone is in ur play time. it make a bit difficult to meet up
  10. Just for your information. Trading Post is use for trade it player with player, usually blue and green gear is not value in TP. so its better salvage it. and dont spend any gold to purchase any gear before you reach lvl80. if you got rare gear drop use it. if you got exotic gear drop sell it on TP. BTW warrior is a good choice to start with. also its better use longbow as your second weapon when you leveling. (one melee one range)
  11. Also as new players its very important you pick a right profession to start with. nerco, guard, warrior, ranger is easy to use and learn thief, revenant, mesmer is bit harder ele and engineers is the hardest to learn and get use to. lots of button press. also thief , mesmer and engineers is really hard to level up. i suggest you use lvl 80 boost on these class.
  12. welcome to gw2 Is there some stash or a bigger place where we can store stuff besides our inventory? ( yes, you can store your item in bank, try to find a banker in the main city, in your inventory when you start the game you carry a 20 slot backpack, can expand your space by buying slot bag, slot bag can be find in trading post. 10 slot bag is cheap for new players ) I noticed as well that the level cap is 80 currently, if i'm not mistaken, do the devs intend to increase the cap or is it going to remain at 80? ( 80 is the maximum level ) About t
  13. what class you got for wvw ? for me i always had 2 build with me. and switch when i need it. specially when you run to the tags you may have with 1 vs 1 situation. so make sure you had the build for pvp when you along . after you reach the tags you will need to do group fight most of time. so you then use build can do multiple target. I suggest you to use semi tank and range build when on zerg fight. can give you more survival if you meet opponent players you need face them unless you r a thief with lots of stealth. because they can catch you with their mount (which yo
  14. for me is minion dps reaper. king of open world. you only need to press skill 1~5. + "Rise!" (skill) high dps, can deal with large number of mods. lazy rotation. easy to learn. the only issue is a bit hard to avoid combat.
  15. Before you start. you need all LS4 ep unlock, Raptor, Springer, Skimmer and Jackal mount required as well. ( u need Jackal to finished few skyscale achievement. so better have it before you start. unless you have mesmer friend portal you to the spot) Also you better do it quick during LS4 return season. otherwise those map will be out of number soon.
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