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  1. I think they are too stupid, to nerve the thief, perma teleport, perma stealth, perma dodge, I think on the contrary that he should, allow him to fight while remaining stealthy, it seems that there is no problem with the thief, the class that we play with a finger ... anet
  2. It's just to know if I'm the only one, to find that the virtually perma stealth of thieves is completely stupid. In fight we almost never see the enemy, it does not need to be good in general they are not. There should be a time between 2 stealth ... yea am mad but i find that really stupid
  3. after test tanky scrapper roaming is dead, tank a lot and fu anet
  4. they killed the roaming scrapper, while no one had complained.
  5. thank you anet, the scrapper roaming is dead, and yet no one crying over him, a complete overhaul that once again forgets the players who are not in the blob
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