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  1. just wanna add that support finally reply to me and totally helped me im happy:P hang in there all!
  2. Yes what can I do to help you?Considering other people in this thread have reported getting help after 15+ days your abit short on your wait time so far. well i dont think your from support or a gm so i dont know how can you help me? and waiting above 9 days as for today is bad enough im not doing a contest here and your sarcasm not that welcome... have a nice day
  3. im waiting for 9 days now for help on my ticket... can anyone pls adress me?
  4. WHY WHY WHY - WHY TOUCH Ancestral Grace????? - lets face it - staff has no dmg in wvw none! - at least we got 5 skill and 3 that we can kite or help others why take it away from us - when you got tone of aoe cc classes around??? you will just force us to play safe and leave team fights now! - thief got a shadow step - mes got a blink?? i dont get who cried of unbalance for a staff 3 on druid???? fine you wanna take staff 3??? at least give us some evade backward? or dmg on staff 1 skill!!! or staff will be RIP - its bk to gs to everyone or even worse forever kite - sword! - very very disappoi
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