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  1. I'm currently working on making time between getting other achievements, and role playing. Role playing is more extensive.
  2. Tequatl Achievements. I'm working on the achievement "Power Play" where we must defeat Tequatl in a single encounter. how is this done?
  3. Character’s in-game name: Kalmar Stormheart Character’s gender/pronouns: He/Him Character’s species: Asura(previously) Wolf/Asura (Currently) Briefly describe their physical appearance if it differs from their character model: (Asura: Brown skin, spiky auburn colored hair, short ears, green eyes with yellow pupils, slightly scarred face.) (Wolf/Asura: bipedal wolf. gray/black fur, pointed ears, and tail, blue or yellow eyes, depending if he's feral or not.) Is there any place a stranger might have seen them before in passi
  4. Nyeh? Zojia wears the already available in game armor, Cultural Tier 3, "Savant Armor" https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Savant_armor Zojja can be seen wearing a slight variant to this set which lacks the shoulder straps. Kudu wears an alternate version of this set with mirrored gloves.(Wiki on Trivia.)What I want though, is a Snaff armor, with both holo-thing a ma jigs on the sides.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/SnaffAlso, it's interesting how he kept both armor pieces as a ghost!
  5. Who was Almorra's other mate (That wasn't the rogue Bangar Ruinbringer.) and eventually lead to Ember Doomforge?
  6. Tails for back items!Might be a stupid request, but I want this to be implemented in the game; especially wolf tails!
  7. I need tails! My asura needs tail! I would very much like being able to give my character's tails, and would definitely spend money for it. Wolf tails?
  8. Does anyone know how to do alternate racial Icons? And if so, could they do a guide?
  9. Same here. Exasperated after trying to use it with other gloves.
  10. Okay um... Okay, what I personally want is a -pause for dramatic effect- dragonscale armor and weapons!
  11. Only a few centaurs revere the sylvari as nature spirits. It see It seems that only Noctis believes that they are plant spirits though he may have lost that idea afterwards. The centaurs have heard rumours of the emergence of the sylvari, but do not yet know what to make of them. Some, at least, believe the sylvari to be spirits of the land.
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