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  1. Honestly the utility skills flipping is a cool mechanic on paper but in practice is impractical and makes the specialization lose focus. I would prefer if the flipping mechanic was entirely devoted to the F2 ability - switching between modes basically, as if archemorus was tagging out with saint viktor and vice versa. Moreover I feel that the "hybrid support" focus is too much for this class, as its other specializations already do this. As such I would recommend changing the spec to be much more "DPS" focused, with archemorus being the "Power" DPS and Saint Viktor being the "Condition damage"
  2. i don't think it's possible. if anything, i'd rather they revamp the scarlet's war recap to have small snippets of LWS1 instances with the author speaking in the background. (such at the first time you meet each of DW, the important moments for each of them, critical moments of the story with your own characters response since we now have the VA's for the player character back) nothing huge, just tiny sub-fractals that are anywhere from about 30 seconds long to a minute at most, to really be able to see first hand each of these moments. tie them up into a singular instance and bam, revamp. may
  3. Let's be real here. there weren't nearly enough blades on the armor to be satisfactory. We should have been able to spin around unarmed and resemble a living Cuisinart Blender.
  4. My (actual) Answer: Why not both? any update is better than no update. why not do content AND living world at the same time? The (Expected) Cynically depressed and hopeless response: [PLEASE INSERT CUSTOM RESPONSE HERE]
  5. Mount Rentals? probably fine, so they can get motivated to have their own. but mounts at the start? Nah fam, part of the fun is getting it. And i'd say hold off on lvl 80 boosts until you get to 80 yourself at least once. part of getting to 80 is learning how to play the game, which is pretty vital. sure you can cheese it with crafting or wvw or something but most players would likely get to 80 by actually playing and doing content. it can be a bore, but with friends showing you the ropes (or just saying you need help and watch as a horde of players swarm to you like flies on a dead carcass) n
  6. which is why I still want Tengu to be a race - making a pirate themed tengu that looks like a parrot. For me exordium, bifrost and binding of ipos. Using bifrost for my elementalist just makes total sense, and reminds me of my old Master of Magic Ele in GW1
  7. I'd say for it to be similar to an activity - maybe a bunch of chronomancers open a temporal gate in lions arch allowing free access to certain time periods, like the invasion of (old) lions arch. Or keep throwing Asura at the problem until you have enough that they deus ex machina a solution. heck, maybe have the chronomancers work on a community token or voting thing - all monsters in the world drop distortion fragments which are used to Open a portal in time, where my evil is Law!! or something like that.
  8. For me, it's that I still have confidence in Anet. has there been major changes that can be cause for worry? of course there has, but most companies go through this. Other people may be doom and gloom but i'm still happy with the game as is. Literally I have maybe one worry - and a small one at that - but otherwise I have no real cause for concern or alarm. Why should I? Do I still play? Yes, though I play on a rotation of games to avoid burning out on them permanently and becoming saltier than the dead sea (which seems to be contagious right now). This means I still have a ton left to do in G
  9. that's funny since i made this exact same comment years ago. I kind of foresee the commander eventually becoming an actual larger-than-life Dragon Champion later on in the future - perhaps when they reach the end of their natural lifespan Aurene uses her magic to 'return' the commander as an actual Branded Champion to stand watch over tyria or something. I imagine since her energy domain seems to be Light (since she's, you know, bright as fudge as an ED) we would be some sort of laser beam shooting giant.
  10. When I think of fear magic I think of what fear does to someone: it gives them doubt, hesitation. living in prolonged periods of fear creates all sorts of mental and emotional problems and in effect can cause someone to wither away. Courage magic, by proxy, would enable opposing effects but if left unchecked can make one reckless and arrogant. Growth would allow one to change and learn, to mold together parts of what they have within along with what they have received from the environment to make a greater whole. just my two cents.
  11. Hardly. It's actually quite common to get burn-out over particular games. I myself experience this often which is why i made a 'rotation' of games. Play some single player or FPS or something non-mmo and non-fantasy, do that for a few weeks and come back, or move to a different game after that one. heck, take up a hobby like woodworking or instrument playing! I imagine you'll find passion to play again after you've been away for a while. :)
  12. Wish granted, you can now pay a heart NPC 5 gold to completely fill their request, voiding the rewards behind completing said heart and locking the merchant options for 24 hours. nothing beats having to help out like hiring others to help out! (Do you have any idea how expensive it is to hire mercenaries to put down their swords and pick apples? first they want wages, and then they want to form a union...)
  13. very nice options this time around, although i feel like the first two (the choya and the mustached merchant) can be switched to make a meme somehow.
  14. personally I felt the beginniner part of the personal storyline was good. even the factions storyline (vigil, whispers, priory) was okay but nothing great. it was probably at claw island and trehearne the story dropped out in my opinion, as it started feeling very rushed from there. if they honestly combined the first two parts (staying with your racial but also working with one of said factions in that area) eventually making your way to zhaitan would have been better honestly. it doesn't need to be a (this race did it not the others) kind of thing, it could be that due to the respective memb
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