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  1. bold for you to assume we're getting longbow. We all know we gonna get some kitten like axe or torch
  3. I feel the creatures of the deep that drove away the largos and the karka is a DSD retcon, and if it isn't, qhat could be more powerful than soo won/elder dragons?
  4. there's a collection called the six that contains jade stattuetes of the gods, every god's statuette says ancient, only lyssa's description states in was made "recently".... hmm?
  5. why tho, seems so random, it's like devs want to force us to try their new specs
  6. bro we're not even playing end of dragons yet and you're thinking of the next spec...
  7. Visited it today and saw this gigantic stone, with glowing inscription. Seems to be just a piece of a bigger one? https://imgur.com/a/MsIykW6
  8. lmao scrapper is even better cause it actually can do damage and his mechanic follows him around
  9. At this point, i'd pay extra money for the expansion if it means the money will go for hiring more devs to redo cata with longbow or rifle
  10. and here i thought daredevil's rotation was the most brain-numbing, neuron evaporating thing you could do in GW2 lol.
  11. 1- no finishers on a class (hammer) that seems to be field-comboing oriented 2- fields/combo finishers are a mechanic that every class have. Why do you feel the need to dedicate an entire "elite" spec gameplay on a mechanic that we've had since day 1? 3- hammer skills are weak, slow and clunky. Fire and air, which are supposed to be the DPS options, are actually really bad, the only decent skill is the tornado on air 4- no real incentive to collect all 4 elemental spheres with skill 3. The damage isn't that great, and the duration is too low 5- utilities are super bad. 6- field chang
  12. The problem with meteor it's not that it is wide, it's that they nerfed it so each subsequent hit's damage of a single target is decreased. Back on the day it was awesome, it WAS the nuke of the game, and said nuke was at the hands of the squishiest, most vulnerable class (11k HP with berserker's). Also you could cast lava fonts back to back for constant DPS. But they nerfed it because people QQed ele was doing too much damage and because anet bases their nerfs on stationary golem numbers. Now, with the numbers we are seeing in ridiculous kitten like dragon trigger and
  13. The demonstration showed us that when you drop a well, it changes as you change elements. That's really bad because if you wanna do a DPS rotation, you most likely will want to drop an air well for the quickness, but then it changes as you change elements... let's say you go to fire for that hammer 4 aoe explosion... what benefit are you gonna get for 3 seconds you were on fire... 3 might? Or if you go some kind of healer spec, you put down water well and expect to blast it with all your other finishers throughout your elements, but nope, it changes. I get you devs wanna encourage people
  14. they just need to make the f5 well not switch when switching elements... most people will want to drop air well for quickness and then do a dps rotation... or perhaps a water well if you go some kind of healer build... but the well keeps changing as you cycle thru elements... what advantage are you gonna get from them if you switch from element to element and you get... 1 might for the second you were in fire mode?
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