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  1. Not a fan of resistance. Otherwise BS would get to ignore weakness and blind too, on top of all the things they already ignore.
  2. I've said it before, dragonscale defense should pulse resolution\protection while you're in DT, and triggerguard should give stab instead. So you can consciously decide to invest resources to protect THAT ONE dragon trigger, instead of having the game decide that for you once per minute or so EDIT and the unblockable needs to kittening go.
  3. Just fixing 1) bugged stab on DT 2) healing skill going on no cd when when rupted Is going to bring the spec much more in line with what you'd expect.
  4. > implying you could touch bladesworn if you were running any other build JUST.
  6. Homeboy is mad about staff mirage, which is -to be fair- one of the worst things this game has to offer, design-wise, both to play and to face. I really really wonder which designer created it tho. It could be anyon... wait, I'm being told we have exclusive access to the dev responsible for that abomination? It apparently is some guy named S***r? WHO WOULD HAVE SEEN THIS ONE COMING?
  7. Mesmers are getting no votes and they're slightly below garbage 😮
  8. First we need to decide what a bladesworn is. Spellbreaker is a duelist (maybe a support, if the devs finally rework banners in a sensible manner), berserker is a damage oriented teamfighter. The way I see it, bladesworn should be a utility oriented teamfighter. Not the easiest thing to balance because gunblade is always present in your weapon slot, so... you have to make sure gunblade skills are useful for a variety of situations, or PvE players are going to be sad. Blooming Fire gets a wider radius and slight damage increase for reliable cleave (probably a slightly faster cast time wou
  9. On one hand, you're right On the other, I have 0 idea wtf happened
  10. Gunblade2 having a wider radius and slightly more damage for big cleave, gunblade3 loses some 20% damage but every hit gets 8 stacks of vuln, pistol4 gets a 0.5s evade or a daze (maybe both?) EDIT: what in the kitten happened and why is this reply here instead of the proper thread
  11. Burst skills ignore blind and blocks (thanks to gm trait) and also CC (thanks to bugged stab on dragonscale defense) andrange too (since it has some 1000 effective range) and stealth (since it's a channel, it tracks through stealth and has a huge AoE too) EDIT and also slow, as it doesn't work on DT skills for whatever reason, the healing skill ignore rupts (since it can be casted again right away, instead of going on 4s cd like everything else in the game) All I'm saying: having a class capable of regularly ignoring half of the mechanics in the game is not ideal. Can I say that?
  12. that's not exclusive to spellbreakers trust me
  13. Everyone and their mothers kitten a hundred thousand weakness and blind, which spellbreakers are not very fond of. That's pretty much it.
  14. There's actually 1 mesmer left, and everything else is a clone
  15. Homeboi really writing his own in-forum ticketing system as if devs haven't been already ignoring issues on Jira since forever.
  16. Shadow Meld more like Shadow Mald
  17. 1) Mesmer already has some of the best boonrip in the game from domination -if not THE best boonrip in the game. Arcane thievery (niche after the changes to facing requirement; someone should really test their changes before rolling them to production) and null field (one of the GOOD skills in WvW) further tap into this 2) Such a spec be borderline useless in PvE, since mobs don't really apply boons all that much, if at all. The idea of countering boons would be interesting and I'd play it hands down: normal classes still generate so many boons, even a domination mesmer can't take all of
  18. Yeah, there is a reason the other 2-charges stunbreaks (shake it off and twist of fate) are used, whereas mantra of concentration with 45s cd is not.
  19. When did 45s cd become "low"?
  20. Honest question, are players using bountiful disillusionment even having fun with the game? Because trust me, when I was playing that flavor of mesmer I lasted 15 minutes. 1s stab on shatter is not enough to justify that amount of boredom.
  21. > be mesmer > ele uses shocking aura and goes on his super-sayian-crazed-beast mode > use blurred frenzy to save yourself > blurred frenzy has small attacks that do nothing, but they're still attacks; you're rupted > use bladeturn requiem to save yourself > bladeturn requiem has small attacks that do nothing, but they're still attacks; you're rupted > use chronomancer shield block to save yourself > shield block on chrono doesn't even have an attack, but for whatever reason IT DOES proc shocking aura; you're rupted > stop attacking to avoid proccing s
  22. After 25 june patch I uninstalled the game, then one of my friends asked me to reinstall to at least chat and have some fun together. I played something like 2 days with him and that's it. I currently vibe in FFA to kill time when I'm tired. That's as much interaction as I'm currently having with the game, I can't even be arsed to play unranked even just for the dailies. There is not nearly enough talk about how BAD the recent design changes have been for PvP. I'm not talking about numbers, I'm talking about design. I've said it before and I'll say it again, that developer who was so vocal
  23. June patch was so bad it took away my will to play, even unranked is far more than I can take. As far as I'm concerned, I can't be bothered to do anything other than vibing in FFA; many other medium-to-high level players I've talked to feel exactly the same... for those that can still bear even just the FFA, that is, and that is a minority. Most of them got tfo this game and that's it. He-who-shall-not-be-named was so vocal on Reddit advertising his garbage work, but went totally silent mode when patch notes came out and people realized the extent of just how bad his work was. We're tal
  24. Calling it "meta" is quite the stretch, my man. Duration is 3 seconds or something of the sorts, just press button 5 and get out of danger.
  25. There are 2 possible explanations. The first would be -but that's wild!- that a revenant won't use all of their utilities one after the other, just like a guardian will not drop all 3 of their virtues all at once, and a thief won't spam pistol whip six times in a row. It's wild, I know, but some people tend to use their skills only when they need it, and with half decent energy management a vindicator will be able to cycle through several defensive skills in a row. If that's not the case I guess there's only one reason left to explain why I routinely see vindicators holding 2v1 (and surv
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