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  1. Found out what the issue was.
  2. I just now got to try this out, That fixed it for me! Thank you! Sometimes GW2 changes my settings (like when I don't play in awhile) and I guess it swapped my shaders. Hopefully it'll get fixed since I'd like to have my shaders on high but if it means I can see the coloration on the skin, I'll keep them on medium!
  3. I assume you mean the Post Processing setting? I could've sworn I had messed around with that graphical setting and that didn't fix it. Though I'll definitely give it a try when I log on next, as I just got off the game.
  4. Hello! I don't know if this bug has been reported yet. I did search just to be sure, but I didn't see anything relative to it. Yesterday, I discovered the Shimmerwing Skyscale skin might be having a visual issue. I'd like to double-confirm this with this thread to see if I'm not the only person experiencing this issue. Note: You'll probably have to own this skin to test this, as the default will show up normally. I'm experiencing an issue where if you attempt to dye the skin, the wings won't dye correctly. They show up as "reflective" as whatever you try to dye the wings as. For example, "Emer
  5. Hello! I hope this is in the right forum since I'm not sure where this is supposed to go. I did research on this topic before posting but I want to have the most up-to-date information as possible on this since I don't like to make assumptions. The posts I read on this topic were a little old and a lot can change between now, and then. I was wanting to buy my friend the Heart Of Thorns and Path Of Fire expansion(s). I'm a bit confused on how to do it and if it's still allowed; so I have some questions: 1). Is that ALLOWED? If I were to buy the $30 bundle HoT and PoT expansions and give it to
  6. I request... Two Person Mounts as new gem store request! There should be a secondary saddle in the Gem Store to "Upgrade" your mount for two people to be able to ride the mount (would make a really interesting mechanic) -- preferably in a "Mounts Saddle Package" because I love helping out my friends that I introduce to this game, but it can be really slow them having to run after me while I ride on my fancy level-80 mount. Or maybe, people should have that option when in a Party (for those who don't have mounts.) Price could be 700 gems for all the saddles for the mounts. It may also help peop
  7. I'm just gonna leave this here. Outfit suggestion:A tuxedo for females? I know I could just make a male character but I feel like it would be an interesting take to see what a tuxedo would look like on a female character. I feel like it would look especially good on Slyvari. I really enjoy playing female characters and the only form of tuxedos we get are for male characters. I'm not too interested in making male characters just to purchase a tuxedo and then never really play him again. I have a bad habit of abandoning characters that I level since I'm so strictly on my mesmer all the time. So,
  8. Would it be possible to see Foefire Armor Package back in stores? I only just discovered this armor and I'm wondering why it's been a bit since it last returned? It's super gorgeous!
  9. 0v0 Not sure if A-net saw my request about the Skyscale stuff I was posting about but thank you for adding the Shimmerwing back!!! <3 <3 <3 <3!! I am so happy rn
  10. Hello! I've been really debating whether I really want to request in this thread but I think I have an idea of what I want from this thread. I want to test my luck! Since the Skritt Gang Member update (yesterday or the day before?) I've been wanting to test out my luck with the "Knife Tail Hunting Bond" 15x pack. I got lucky and got a Timekeeper Glider on my first try so I feel like I might have decent luck? I feel like this will be really set in stone of what I'd want. I was debating between wanting more Central Tyria masteries via some more story I didn't have unlocked or my biggest want, Sh
  11. Lots of chair talk, Could you maybe bring back the Skyscale chair? I'm a huge Skyscale fan. Also a suggestion for a mount pack(s): Since there lots mounts that don't have a certain skin (exam. Roller Beetle does not have a Branded Skin, Cozy Wintersday, or Exo-suit skin.)Perhaps all those skins could be added into a pack TOGETHER? To complete those mount sets, I had a few suggestions. I'm a huge Skyscale fan-girl so I'm gonna start with it. **Skyscale Potential Pack:Exo-Suit SkyscaleCozy Wintersday SkyscaleAwakended SkyscaleSpooky Skyscale(or Mad Realm) Roller Beetle Potential Pack:Branded Rol
  12. A chapter is what's after that segment of a story. An act is apart of that story. I can see the "City Of Hope" as the 8th chapter. Try proceeding with the story, and you will get there. You'll have 3 more acts ("In their Footsteps, "Prisoners of The Dragon", & "Prized Possessions"). and then you'll reach the "City Of Hope" chapter. Finish the story and then you should get said-achievement you are looking for? Along with a Mastery Point after you complete it. Good luck!
  13. I had this problem myself last year, but I was new to it myself so. Pretty sure I was watching Ayin, as well. You said you know how to dive, correct? While diving, press you're Spacebar. Your Griffin will flap a bit harder than it should, as It's building up momentum. But it also flies a ton faster once you do that, THEN you need to press S once it wants you to fly up towards the Mountain(?). I usually about do the momentum twice, That is usually enough to pull me up towards the top. But I will pull a 3rd if I have time and enough space. Hopefully that helped! Just be weary it's SUPER fast so
  14. I read it quite often. o: I was just seeing if there was other methods of knowing, but thank you for that tip! ^^
  15. Yeahh I get that, The festive ones are the more obvious ones, That does make a lot more sense though about why they'd update the Gem Store like they do. I guess that means I'll hold onto my gems a little longer then. I highly doubt that myself. Thank you both for the answers. I appreciate that!
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