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  1. so i go on my engi and the wings are wobbly all over place and clipping left and right like they made of cloth now what happened?
  2. so i did the first event she not talk goes off to kill krait and gets caught 2x cause i am only one on map doing event and after she is caught and freed she just walks off and disappears without the ability to talk to her either change her or make it different for this part.
  3. really necros are hard to beat up, what build are you playing are you using range or are you jumping into the shades/not dodging out of their aoes? do you have a condi cleanse on bar? are you using zerker or any amulet that does not have vitality on a low hp class? are you using a meta battle build that is out of date? like to know? i play DH trapper most minion-mancers i just pull into traps they die or ping from a far with bow/ as a thief i use dual pistols to burst them down or rifle on deadeye to snipe them. heck warrior can just stun lock them and they pretty much dead so idk what peoples
  4. the real reason is the rng drop rate is like phantasy star online's red ring shield small as heck and pain in but to farm
  5. you are better going into spvp or wvw just to get the box version from track, idk its like the rare weapons that are insane amounts of gold its just strange
  6. i mean necro is pretty nerfed as is only way they could is just to nerf carapace toughness or the time you have to keep it up, or just nerf the whole blood tree, but then there are other classes I feel need bigger nerf bats like thief's invis/mesmer clone amounts/ just getting rid of any healing trinkets or just nerf healing specs for most classes in spvp. heck I think we should just make spvp 3 sets of stats valk/carrion/something else and just have everyone choose one and just get rid of all these extra amulets we are not using, most builds just zerker/marauder/avatar anyways for power.
  7. i just wish they do something about them. because I have seen so many as base guards or minion necros always in base gear skins that just feed/insta die when someone looks at them, I would not be surprised they are all similar mac addressed/ip from same country or something. they litter lower rank some times from gold 1 down its annoying to get matches with more then 2 because I just feel I am wasting my time. heck Wednesday I had 2 running into walls on djinn map just reported them cause 1 was hiding in a corner walking in a wall other was just going right out start into first building.
  8. do not know if related but thunderhead keep north meta crashed me and my group like 3 times once before 1 during and one after, i have had 2 crashes during north meta
  9. so on capricorn pvp map and game just shutter froze during first bell, then I got back in and got shutter lag to point it kicked me out of match with a dishonored its not my fault. i checked everything no issue had discord still so not my internet. game just shuttered and froze. also note it white screened when it crashed so idk what happened, well at least not black screen.
  10. so using forum dark mode and some of the text is not showing up its there if i highlight it but visually its blending in background or just not changing color of text to work with this mode.
  11. after going in via the one where story started in highlands was able to progress eh i feel like whole things buggy and should not have been placed there.
  12. same this episode seems bugged or something, i just did it again and had same issue and stuck at it saying go do that part again.
  13. so after i do the first part and go through portal i get a message saying "this is not your active story. any progress made in this instance will not be saved". then after fight with golem i am missing marker for story says meet at beach but no marker anywhere.
  14. stuck in queue 2nd time in 2 days at match ready thing in row mode is buggy plz fix if i dismiss i can't requeue either.
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