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  1. I dont know about you but we had one of the worst snowstorms a week ago! Fortunately Spring is just around the corner! Come celebrate your spring break with us!
  2. Oh its so cold, so cold. All the more reason to seek out the warm feeling this family gives you!
  3. A new year, new experiences and new friends to make! Come join us and make this a grand year!
  4. Wintersday is almost here! Come celebrate with us and lets end this year with wholesomeness!
  5. Hello and a warm welcome to Ghost Riders of Tyria [HOME], we are a collective of new and veteran players that have come together to form a casual and family feel guild. If you are looking for non-elitist, chill and fun environment to enjoy the game then check us out. [HOME] is a guild that mostly focuses on the PvE side of the game but we also have members that are very active in WvW and we also dabble in PvP now and then. We are always trying to be there for everyone if you need help with something (be it with fractals, achievements or crafting) or just want a chat and want to tal
  6. Come join our happy family! We are always looking for more wholesome people to join our merry guild!
  7. Remember to stay safe everyone! Together we will get through this!
  8. In The Netherlands we are celebrating King's Day today in our homes! Happy King's Day!
  9. Get ready for the return of the Super Adventure Box! Good luck and have fun with all the jumping and the tribulating!
  10. In these times we need to stay strong together and take care of each other. Do the right thing and stay at home as much as you can and come play GW2 with us!
  11. Its Christmas time! For some this may not be the best time of the year... if you are feeling lonely this Christmas and want to have a good Christmas with good guildies then consider joining! We will make sure you have a Christmas were you wont be lonely and have lots of friends!
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