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  1. I wanna say you're wrong out of copium but.. You're right. 😔
  2. No, neither does tbh, Have you ever tried power harb or power spectre ? Both are miserable compared to the condition versions.
  3. Good build for untamed ? Soulbeast builds !
  4. Please Arenanet do not remove this, make it a feature for the open world, this is 1 bug I do NOT want fixed.
  5. Catalyst is fine, just because it's not overperforming anymore doesn't mean it's bad.
  6. It was never a dead profession in PvE. Ele mains..
  7. Does Northern Shiverpeaks even have any players on it ?
  8. I hope not, nothing against ET players but I do not want to play with them for a 3rd time in a row.
  9. Personally I don’t even care either way, I do both GoB and GoE without much problem, okay, well, one problem, the stupid ash stealth heart in Blazeridge, I think it is.. I hate that heart, and it should be reworked. But yeah I have like 20 GoB that I have absolutley no use for, so trading them in for like, GoEs would be pretty kitten nice.
  10. That is not a whataboutism, it’s literally relevant to the topic. Then people should advocate for both, and not just 1 side of the coin, simple as that, honestly.
  11. If PvE players want another way to get a GoB, then GoE also have to recieve the same treatment.
  12. Well by all means, you could command a squad yourself without those demands.
  13. But you were complaining about gold, not about time. So, it would still be 0 ish gold cost, with more time invested.
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