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  1. I don't want it now. I'm going to treat it like the Warclaw mount, which I'll never get because I don't WvW.
  2. Secondary reason, I corrected my statement after noticing the errors I made. Primary reason was the story.
  3. That's great to know, still not going to bother. I don't think the mount should have been walled off in the manner it was walled off. Everything else that I experienced with EoD was great, aside from the Meta being a tad bit much. Then finding out that even if I had managed to complete the Meta I would still be forced into content I have zero interest in just really killed it for me. I'll just not have the secondary reason I purchased the expansion, at least I got the enjoy the primary reason for the purchase.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that, my cat actually prefer's SWTOR and he's pretty unhappy about the boneheaded moves they made recently.
  5. No I haven't tried them, I have watched Mukluk's video on them, and they don't look appealing to me.
  6. Just want to say that the story and locations for EoD are fantastic, love them, but requiring, for the moment, to run the Meta then Strike Mission to unlock the Siege Turtle really just turns me off to the rest of the game at this point.
  7. Anyone know if we are going to get a Shiverpeaks Skyscale skin to go with the other Shiverpeaks skins already out?
  8. If you have GW2 installed to your %temp% folder, simply move it elsewhere. Specifically, you want to move Gw2-64.exe and Gw2.dat to somewhere like C:\Games\Guild Wars 2\ If you don't have a Gw2-64.exe, look for a ~34 MB Gw2-64.tmp or Gw2-64.### in the same folder as Gw2.dat and rename it back to Gw2-64.exe. If no such file exists, you can download Gw2Setup-64.exe and simply rename it to Gw2-64.exe. Good deal, thank you.
  9. Nope. Can't say I've had Fallout 76 randomly uninstall itself.
  10. It apparently installed to the temp folder. I am never asked where I want to install the game. How do I remedy this?
  11. This has happened twice now. Sometimes last month, I didn't record the dated, and yesterday sometime before midnight central time. Game is just gone, game folder has a few items in it but when I double click on the exe I get a prompt telling me the app can't run on PC and I need to contact the creator for a PC version. Downloading the whole thing again currently.
  12. Like the title says. I'm in NA, Looking for a mature PvE focused Guild. I took a break before Season 2 and it turned into a long, long break lol.I am on Borlis Pass by the way.
  13. I'm using a build by Lord Hizen and while it's nice I think I lack the gear to utilize it correctly.
  14. Good Gods the cost to craft Svaard's chest piece... I think I remember why I took a break all those years ago.
  15. So I found this video showing off the "Best" warrior set up. It's old and I took the leap and have been playing around with it now and it seems to be pretty nice but it's really dependent on gear. I have nothing compared to this guys gear but so far I seem to hold my own against a lot. Unless I stand in stupid for too long or I get cocky and draw in more than I should.https://youtu.be/4L9MiBuJgjY
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