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  1. Sad fact is mobile gaming makes so much more money then PC games and Console games combined.That being said, You can see why they are are moving in that direction.
  2. If you don't want to risk the money, power level a f2p account to 60 and see how the lag is.
  3. They did: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/87788/temporarily-disabled-dragonfall-cache#latest They have only disabled your ability to open the dragonfall cache.You are still able to select the reward track and get the dragonfall cache.It's only when you try to open the dragonfall cache that you receive the following message."That content has been temporarily disabled. Please try again later."
  4. Really would be nice if they disabled the reward track or at least gave a warning message saying the end of track chest was disabled.Just curious if anyone has tried to open a ticket, requested they exchange the chest of another rewards track end chest?
  5. There are alot of older players playing the game. I think you just need to find a group with the same interests as you, regardless of their age.
  6. Yea I think Chad just wanted to show of their gold tbh. TBH it's not that much gold. There are alot of players at 200k with banks full of legionaries and stacks of mystic coins.
  7. I think I'll pull all the stuff over two weeks and sell at buy price see how much gold I get from it.Makes me wonder how much gold is tied up in all the old listings. It's gotta be millions of gold.
  8. What is the oldest thing you have on the trading post? Mine is 3 years. Hate to cancel and relist. Hoping someone will eventually buy it ;)
  9. Unless I missed an announcement saying they are definitely releasing a balance patch, I would temper your expectations.Key words being "Potential Future" balance changes.When Anet uses terms like "We've been thinking about" or We've been talking about" it normally means they are just speculating about future changes.If and when the changes take affect it could be months or years in the future.
  10. Raymond has stated that Alliances 1.0 will not take time zones aka coverage into account. Maybe 2.0 in another 3 years will? link to that, please perhaps maybe? :D I can't find it but he or McKenna did state that. The response was: 'well how the heck does this fix anything then?'I wonder if Raymond or McKenna are still around?Raymond is still around (not sure if he is actively working on competitive game mode), but McKenna was let go during the layoffs.
  11. it took 45 keys on my main account and got it on an alt with 1 key when Anet had the free key giveaway.
  12. Expansion will never happen.Anet can't get alliances out the door after nearly 2 years, do you really think they have the talent or manpower to do an expansion?
  13. Only thing I'm expecting is for them to talk about new living story.I'm sure I'll still be disappointed.
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