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  1. As a DH: I don't think it the runes are op, but I do think there's too much stealth im the game.
  2. Try it for yourself lol, if actually all top players say that, then yeah they're incorrec, so I doubt it's actually everyone and you're not just conflating someone saying "yeah it punishes noobs". You'll have more success with soulbeast, herald, daredevil, etc..
  3. It seems to me that people afk at the beginning of a match (first 2-3 minutes) in plat more so than Gold, by quite a lot. Anyone else experience the same thing? I've just had in 3 games out of 4 someone afks after we lose 1 team fight. Also there's always 1 guy that proclaims that the 4 other members are noob, bots and don't know how to play the game and how to rotate. I know I should probably just disable chat but that's also pretty sad. Why are so many players in Plat so immature? in Gold it wasn't as bad in my experience..
  4. Strength Spellbreker has a lot of sustain and dmg, sure it's not good in team fights but so is every other side noder. I think warrior lacks build diversity since Healbreaker was murdered. You only have 1 build and it's not even meta.
  5. What we complain about, as any power guadian build, we *need* berserker to do dmg, but then we don't have enough health to be viable in sPvP. If we could take Marauder or even Valkrey and still have dmg we wouldn't complain. Other power dmg specs match or even surpass DH's/guardian's dmg on zerker while having more health, with equal or more sustain. Trappers are the only enabler of the low health and even then the build isn't strong. Everything that's supposedly strong on DH is stronger on Deadeye. Try to play any class with 11k health, a Reaper takes more th
  6. Yeah that's the build. It's not even if anyone gets a combo on you, any random dmg that hits you by mistake is extremely dangerous, even support guard deals meaningful dmg to you. I've tried using different runes and stats and came to the conclusion that while the stealth from traps is very useful, it's actually the superspeed that helps it the most. Guardians lack in-combat mobility and trapper runes solve that completely, stealth is an added bonus - I'm quite sure I'd still want to use Trapper Runes if stealth was removed. You can run dng oriented runes with Mar
  7. Removal of dmg on cc pretty much killed warrior weapon diversity as mace and hammer are now extremely weak. It would be one thing to lower the dmg, but making it deal no dmg at all when entire weapon sets apply cc with almost all their skills feels like a cheap fix. Kind of like how Firebrand Mantra are now super weak after the last mantra change that didn't intend to nerd them.
  8. Those are actually good points. I do hope for either shortbow (seems unlikely since we got a longbow with dh) or off-hand sword, something aggressive.
  9. It does suit the class, I just don't see how it coulb be implemented in an interesting way. I think Tempest's warhorn is the only interesting version of warhorn thaks to the elemental/magix theme.
  10. Condi weaver counters DH pretty hard with focus fpr projectile denial and condi since DH has very little cleanse. You just need to be aware of trap placements and you're good to go.
  11. Movement speed is capped at +33% out of combat, so this change doesn't change much of anything in terns of roles. Thief still has by far the best out of combat mobility in sPvP.
  12. Take away trapper runes but give me 3k health. Fair trade.
  13. Same experience, though in gold I did see a lot of DH. Some games did have 2-4. But half of them were Burn DH. Anyway this whole issue imo is people mistake annoying with op. DH is an annoying noob stomper but overall a weak build. The rise in popularity was very weird, and it got me a lot of wins since they're easy kills.
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