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  1. The point I made was that you can't wait it out. You have to be able to throw a skill away to get it off and that hurts warrior most because their skills are more impactful on a single use basis, generally, so missing one is a bigger issue. Some classes/builds don't care about it because they have tons of skills they can just toss out or AA with a range weapon, like ranger. But that doesn't change the fact that you aren't going to wait it out because it's so prevalent and long lasting. It doesn't help that blind fields are effectively barriers and apply through anything.
  2. This isn't just a warrior complaint, they're just the most heavily impacted. Absolutely nobody but the most die hard thief players will defend some of the nonsense blind durations thief has. Everyone knows that's one of their main survival tools, but it shouldn't be so heavily stackable to the point that it's impossible to wait it out and forcing you to just throw a skill away to get it off momentarily. Also, most people recognize that Anet has done a horrible job balancing the class with both initiative costs and the recent nerfs to Hide in Shadows. An ideal world would be those
  3. Fam, you asked a question about why warriors don't have resistance if they hate being hit with blind and weakness spam, and I explained that the sources of resistance for warrior are bad and never worth taking. You retort with a 'So you hate thief?' kind of response like I said anything about them. You read what I said and after it passed your eyes, it had become something completely different to what I actually said.
  4. I have absolutely no idea how in the world you came to such a ridiculous conclusion from what I said. No joke, I'm baffled you said something that ridiculous. "Warrior's sources of resistance are bad." "So you're saying thief should just die when they see a warrior?" What?
  5. Because the sources of resistance on warrior are underwhelming/pathetic and sacrifice far too much to even use. Berserker Stance was a joke even before the resistance nerf. Heal singet is terrible. Featherfooted Grace is terrible. Resistance runes were also gutted before resistance was nerfed. Am I missing anything?
  6. Aegis, resistance, blind, and torment all have continuous effects that show when they're active, and many others have very visible effects when applied. I see no reason why stability can't have a continuous visual effect too.
  7. By the fact that you have to use a specific mount ability at a specific place to incorrectly remove the 'No Mount' debuff you get within the arena. It's a bug, stop trying to defend this nonsense. Nothing else you want to cope-rant about is relevant. Fix it.
  8. Nobody cares if you think it's fine. It's a bug and needs to be fixed. You might condone exploits, but the rest of us don't.
  9. It's a bug. None of the stuff you listed about the Champions Rest or players outside the arena is relevant. Fix the bug. End of story.
  10. This whole rant read like a massive cope, ngl. Fam, you're the one projecting your biases and how clueless you are, and insulting people in a crying fashion isn't going to make your points more relevant or accurate. Daredevil has always, and yes I mean always, beat rev in a head on match-up. Swipe interrupts any of revs relevant skills, including some of their most crucial defenses. Rev can't chase thief down and is forced to use a lot of resources to even try. None of revs lockdown tools like chill or immob work because of Unhindered Combatant. Stealth can literally turn off s3,
  11. Ummm yes it does. It always has and still does, nothing has changed. You might lose to Rev as thief or beat bad thief players as Rev, but that match-up has always been heavily stacked in Thief's favor.
  12. Thief also slaps rev around pretty badly, so there's that.
  13. Are you sure that's because Zerker is manageable or because other people just aren't prepared for it? Willbender won't keep you pema blinded like Thief will, but F1, s2 are both extremely prevalent blinds. I've beaten a lot of Willbenders with power zerker but I had to play pretty much flawlessly else I'd just get deleted, meanwhile Willbender still has F2, F3, tons of mobility and much more reliable damage. I'd love to see zerker come back, it's my favorite spec, but I just don't see it.
  14. I mean, zerker still gets deleted by most things running around, and Willbender can still delete zerker just as fast as zerker does it on top of having plenty of blinds and stability to stop you from being able to set up your damage reliably. Thief gatekept a lot of stuff, but Willbender will do that too.
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