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  1. Nice. Anyway you can also try d12pxy or dxvk to boost fps even more. So in zerg it won't drop to 18 fps 😄
  2. What is your max fps on old map while not alot players around. Try to port any map. Elon Riverlands is good to test it has no trees etc, I have max fps on this map to test. It should be more than 100 fps there. As for CPU, use some program like HWmonitor or MSI afeterburner or HWinfo to check CPU clock speed during game. Even Ryzen 5 3600 without dx12 proxy shows minimum 18-20 fps in wvw fight with high settings So your Ryzen 7 3700x can't be worse then Ryzen 5 3600. Something wrong. Maybe it not used full performance of CPU because of some settings
  3. What is the cooling system on it, processor clocks during game? Must be near 4000-4400 Mhz in stock. DDR3? mb DDR4? You should not have such high drops on minimum settings. In cities ofc fps drops because of character model limit/quality, shadows, reflections. rest settings must be high. Your gpu is enough for this game. Make sure you have disabled v-sync and frame limiter in game. Try this settings https://ibb.co/SxnK0tD I play with disable postprocessing because I do not like this lightning, so it is up to you how you like. Character model limit and
  4. You do not have stutters in zerg/meta? I do not believe. And what it will give me? You think 350-450 fps is ok in Elon Riverlands with max gpu tdp 170w? So I will be still need to cap fps on any monitor.
  5. When I teleport to Elon RIverlands and stay afk near teleports with 300-400 FPS MSI Afterburner shows my gpu eats almost max wattage. What do you think about "Max Frame Rate" and "Vertical Sync - Fast" in nvidia option?
  6. I do not know if my monitor supports it, I found it has no freesync/gsync. What I found in driver program settings is "Max Frame Rate". I tested at 120 cap and I had vertical tearing during camera move, but I do not see tearing at 160 FPS cap. Is it ok to use such option in this way?
  7. Hey I have some question about vsync. I have 60 Hz monitor and in some old locations I have 250-450 FPS. In fight or with more people it drops to 70-160. In new locations I have 60-130. Inside zergs it drops to 28-60. When I have 450 fps in old location without other players my gpu seems use all its power, so with 60 Hz monitor it is not efficient to use it with uncapped fps? Or I am wrong? If I need to lock fps what is the right option: Enable vsync in nvidia driver Enable vsync in nvidia driver with capped at 60 fps option ingame setting vsync in drive
  8. It worked, thanks all for help, hope it will be fixed.
  9. Sorry again. Look it stuck at 93% I do your commands, save file. Then shut down the launcher? But I think then it will start to download from 0%?
  10. Do I need to do this before install game or when it will stuck at 93%? I deleted it again.
  11. I am trying to reinstall the game twice. Each time it stuck at 93 percent with 41700 files remain. It keep downloading but nothing happening.
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