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  1. He might be thinking about good, decent expansions. You know, like games such as FF14 get, unlike us Have fun fishing LMAOOOO
  2. For basic OW like doing hearts, story or killing fodder/vets reaper will be slightly faster For more advanced OW, like soloing champion/legendary mobs or metas, scourge is billions of miles ahead of reaper Scourge is the ultimate faceroll class of the game, minimal effort for maximum reward. Reaper is minimal effort for mediocre reward
  3. what do you mean? feedback is everything. calling this "lolworthy" and commenting how the competitors will take advantage of such a massive, massive blunder most definetly IS feedback, whether you like it or not...which clearly you dont. well oh well, you'll have to learn to deal with that yourself. you may be thinking of "constructive criticism". that I admit, my post is not. Then again, Anet ignored their playerbase's request for an expac after Pof; and gave us IBS, then decided to ruin IBS halfway and do an expac after all , then delayed the expac some more, .and no
  4. I think it looks like shhhhht, and only getting a main hand instead of both mh/oh or a 2h sucks real bad. oh well, and least it wasnt just an offhand, that'd have been even more insulting I like mesmer precisely for the clones mechanic, and imho making the only profession thats different just like the others is actually a step backwards, not forward coupled with everything else shown, Im actually thinking that for the first time in over a decade I might actually drop GW and go play other games like New World or FF14 that arent complete disappointments
  5. my opinion on this LOL I bet that the guys at New World and FF14 are literally rubbing their hands in excitement right now thinking of all the cash they are gonna make fromdisappointed ex-GW2ers
  6. If you consider play hours per day, only taking into account the number of days that the profession actually existed for (2092 days for rev, 3243 for all the others as of today), the numbers are, in hours per day: Guardian: 31,600 Ranger: 27,593 Warrior: 27,286 Necromancer: 26,568 Elementalist: 25,314 Mesmer: 21,754 Thief: 20,102 Revenant: 14,403 Engineer: 11,968 Soooo... Engi is the least played class, by far
  7. The fight is perfectly fine, easy even... If you get 50 guys with a moderate amount of knowledge and skill, and an IQ above room temperature The issue is that will never happen in pugs, your very likely to get a handful mrons at least, and they will screw the fight for the other 40-something normal players The fight doesnt need nerfs per se, but it probably needs a slight rework. It shouldn't rely so much on everyone performing at the same level individually, but instead add mechanics that allow better players to compensate for idiots
  8. I tried the public version. it was very close, but fail again I saw 2 people on my platform die within 10 seconds of starting. they didnt even thought of dodging, not a single dodge was used. so again I had to solo it then I watched as the people in another platform were slowly poking at the boss, they ran out of time and it still had 3x%...mind you, that was at least 3 people swinging at it. what build were they using? all soldiers and all defensive traits? For Christ's sake, I saw people dying on the lanes. Not the platforms, the lanes. You can't go any l
  9. I failed it 4 times in a row The 4 times my lane was the only one that succeeded. 3 of those 4 times I had to solo a platform. I don't think at any point in time I saw people spreading correctly and evenly in any of my 4 attempts. Twisted marionette just highlights something g that is common knowledge by now: Most GW2 players are not just incredibly bad, they are also tremendously, tremendously stupid There is no fix for that
  10. No, they wouldnt. many weapons have this "trail" thingy that is akward and useless outside water. and even more have skills with no ground targetting and verticality problems. could they be reworked? sure, and if Anet wanted to pull a fast one, reworking them would be much much easier for them than creating entirely new weapons. but pretty much none of the aquatic weapons would work "as is" in land
  11. I get what you mean, I really do, and you have a good point the thing is, I really dont give a sh.. about the why, why are things like this, only care about the how, how can we fix them... I dont care if they have to overbloat druid like they did to scourge or firebrand. just do it there are 18 elite specs, soon to be 27. Druid cannot be the ONLY ONE that works just for one and only one thing while absolutly every other spec gets to do multiple things when built differently. at the most basic level every single spec should be able to fend for th
  12. He's talking about spec, your talking about builds Scrapper is a support spec, but it also can do decent damage if built for it, it's trait line/kit design allows for it Scourge is a support spec, but it also can do decent damage if built for it, it's trait line/kit design allows for it Tempest is a support spec, but it also can do decent damage if built for it, it's trait line/kit design allows for it Firebrand is a support spec, but it also can do ridiculous damage if built for it, it's trait line/kit design allows for it Druid is
  13. hard JPs are great...in games with engines that support them even Anet devs themselves admited GW2 engine is awful for JPs
  14. Scourge has all of that except giving lots of boons
  15. so, leaving the koolaid aside... to noone's surprise they are running way behind schedule and have to delay the expac. great, so that means IBS was awfully mutilated for.....nothing and we all are gonna have to endure months after months of absolutly nothing new, farming the same maps for the million-th time all while everybody else is having fun in FF14, ESO, WoW, Lost Ark, New World and many other direct competitors which managed to actually stick to their goals for the next months good lord, this is gonna be real rough, how many
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