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  1. I know right, like what the hell? The current trailer on Steam is awful, and it does not represent the game at its best, not at all. Honestly, who makes these decisions?
  2. Jesus Christ, that's why I hate PoF's open world. The exploration of the maps are uninteresting and full of tedious chores; it's 100% worst than core maps because of that. On the other hand, Core maps had many interesting places, hidden puzzles that don't take forever to finish, interesting events to stumble on, etc. It's up to Arenanet, but if that's the direction they want to take the game, gw2 will lose what made it enjoyable in the first place. The only thing that saved PoF was the quality of the story production, but aside from that, the open-world of PoF was uninteresting, full of chores
  3. Why are all the new players in a hurry to try and get the Giffen and Skyscape mount? I guess because they're flying mounts, but here's the thing, you don't need them. Also, they meant to be legendary mounts that take time to unlock, so take your time. Just play and have fun; you'll unlock them in no time. No need to hurry because once you unlock everything that you wanted, you'll soon enough find that there isn't much left for you to do anyway.
  4. Nope, not everyone wants Hearts to be removed because it'll make things take less effort, but because they're boring and don't add anything to the world. Whereas events, some of them are really interesting, like the witch and charr cups in Diessa Plateau. Some events even unlock secret places with ancient ruins that you can't access otherwise. That is interesting content, unlike Heart Quests which is like kill 10 of this and collect 15 of that. ArenaNet was onto something with their event system, it's shame they didn't pursue it harder. P.S. even tho the HoT map design wasn't the best, especia
  5. Nope, I don't care about the rewards, personally. They can give as much reward as they want, and I would still 100% hate Hearts. They're a boring Quest system that Guild Wars 2 should have never implemented. Instead, they should have focused more on events and event chains with actually good stories/lore to tell, they do have events like that, but not enough of them. They should remove Hearts as part of map completion and have events replace them, that's how I really feel, to be honest.
  6. As someone who has been following the story since season 1, I agree. The living story should come with the expansions even if it means that the expansion will cost more; having a bundle of everything would also be a good idea. Also, I think they need to return season 1, I'm not going to get into it here, but yes, they can return it; they have the technology, and we have seen it in HoT and PoF. I still remember when I tried to get my brother into gw2 many years go, which he played until the personal story, and won't play the living story since he couldn't play season 1. Of course, he lost inter
  7. Seems like most people here care about the reward, which I don't care much about. I 100% agree with OP that Heart Quests are boring as hell. Sad thing is that GW2 has some interesting events with actual story and lore to tell, yet so many players miss them because they think Heart Quests are the main focus, which I guess it is at this point.
  8. Thank you all for your thoughts and opinions. It seems that everyone has a different idea of where the problem is and how it can be fixed. I can't speak for everyone, but I think that Guild Mission is an important content to give purpose to Guilds. In another post of mine called "Repurposing Old Content Into Guild Mission," I talk about the lack of Guild content and the abandonment of Guild Missions. Knowing that Arenanet has other priorities, I suggested that they repurpose existing content that hardly anyone does into Guild Missions with rewards that are excluded to Guilds. Examples, "Activ
  9. Just rant, but seriously, what is there to do with guilds? You don't need guilds to do fractals, world bosses, PvP, strike mission, or even raids. Whenever I log on, I wonder if there is anything to do with my guildies, and the answer is nope. Everyone is working on their own thing, farming for gold, farming for AP, getting new legendary, maybe co-op with another guild member in PvP, fractal or other game modes. I don't know, and I feel like there isn't anything active to do with your guilds. There are only the same guild missions from 2013, but that's about it. Perhaps your guild makes up the
  10. Perhaps not for the Company, but for many players like myself, our Guild keeps us interested in the game, and it's the reason we come back. Anyway, I thought this would benefit the game overall, especially since guild missions has been the same since bloody 2013.
  11. I'll keep it short and sweet, I and my guildmates have been talking about the lack of Guild content and the abandonment of Guild Missions, sadly. I understand that Arenanet has other priorities like a living story and a new expansion that needs to be focused open. What I'm suggesting here is for Arenanet to add old contents that are hardly done by players nowadays into the guild mission, contents like (Mount racing, Bounties in PoF, Activities that are given by Crab Toss in LA and the ones in HoT that hardly anyone plays, champions or events that aren't being done anymore, add more world bosse
  12. Hello folks, I have some thoughts that I want to share as a player who has played all of the living stories from season 1 to the current "saga." I don't know why Arenanet went back on this, but one reason they only added few maps during season 1 and 2 is that they didn't want old maps to be abandoned and become "ghost maps." Something that they were particularly eminent about, yet that's the problem they created today with the newer living story model. Another thing that the living stories were supposed to do is bring content to existing maps, now most of those maps, especially the mini maps
  13. community, guilds in gw2 are dead, guild mission has been the same since 2013. I don't care about world bosses with zerg of strangers that I don't know, who mindlessly farm for more gold.
  14. Just replayed the story, I guess I forget xp thanks for the reply.
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