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  1. I'm also excited about the Dynamic HUD update. One thing I would also like to see ( along with some of the things you guys mentioned) is an option reduce the floating damage numbers size or to completely remove them. It just makes the game look so bad in my opinion.
  2. The new HUD is amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It may not be perfect, but it's a darn good start! Very excited!!
  3. So my question is,Do I specifically need to buy Path of Fire from ArenaNet or can I buy the game (Path of Fire) from another retailer and still get Hearts of Thorns for free? Does anyone know the requirements for them to honor that deal? Thanks so much you guys rock!
  4. What are your thoughts on being able to change the colors of skills or abilities? So like for example, using a Mesmer as a Sylvari and changing the abilities green to just match the over all appearance? Thoughts?
  5. I haven't played Guild Wars 2 for a very long time, since Scarlet attacked Lion's Arch back in the day. I have to say, I was blown away! I completed Living World Season 2 and started on Hearts Of Thorns. The battle against Mordremoth was freakn awesome!! The new enemies, mini bosses and over all look and feel of the map was nice! The change in the way the players and NPC's communicate is 100x better in my opinion. The old cut scene with the player and NPC talking back and fourth got kind of old and boring in the original content. The verticality of the map took a bit to get used to but I had
  6. How about letting a Asura player be able to hitch a ride on the back of a buddy who is playing a Charr? It would really be pointless besides being super duper cool! lol!
  7. Rejoice! If you purchased through ArenaNet, you have the option of receiving those $29 dollars in Gems. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/guild-wars-2-heart-of-thorns-is-free-with-guild-wars-2-path-of-fire/ Wow, thanks for this info! Totally redeemed themselves! Thanks ArenaNet!
  8. I bought HoT like 2 weeks ago and would of definitely rather had that $29 dollars used for Gems so I could pick the skins or outfits I really wanted instead of what the gave us. Very disappointing. Just my opinion.
  9. I would really love UI customization. Being able to disable the XP floating text and Damage floating text would be amazing. It's the biggest turn of for me in the entire game. I play on 1920x1080 and sometimes it's hard to see anything and in my opinion, it just takes away from the awesome graphics. It would be nice to be able to disable the floating text and maybe have a chat window that displays your damage like other mmo's. Thanks :)
  10. For me, I boosted to level 80 and currently going through the story again with a new character. I haven't played the game since like 2015 and but I'm really enjoying it and I'm glad I came back.
  11. I get why they have the damage numbers but I have always preferred by damage numbers in a chat window and not on screen (just my preference.) I just want to enjoy the game and make it as immersive as possible and I toggle back and fourth between UI off and UI on. It's just my preference when questing alone. I'm really happy with the game though. I just really wish he had a few more options with the UI, that's all. P.S- Thanks for the tips about the higher resolution. I'm hoping to get a higher resolution monitor soon so I'll give it a shot. Thanks :)
  12. I am absolutely loving the game but I'm so frustrated with the inability to edit, disable parts of the UI. It's to distracting that it's close to ruining the game play for me. The huge XP numbers that pop up anytime you kill someone, the damage floaters and many other things just cloud of my screen. This is just my opinion and I get why they are there but come one, give us an option to edit and disable parts of the UI. I honestly would love to be able to play the game with "hide UI" enabled but with only health and a few other vital things available. Again this is just my preference and I res
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