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  1. Hello everyone! I want to join a guild name The Royal Rose [ROSE] if thats possible. Thank you!
  2. is it possible for a race to love or havin a relationship with other race? for example a sylvari fallin in love with a human. or a charr to a norn. is there any proof of this?
  3. So do you think there will be some new weapons introduced in the new expansion? Something like lore related. I cant think of any but maybe like a spell book. Maybe the skills are curses related or something. Or ninja stuff like shuriken and kunai. Crossbow kinda possible too.
  4. hey so i think you can. i got yggdrasil a few weeks ago andi chose minstrel stat. i changed the stat into harrier in mystic forge. idk wether i answer ur problem but i hope this info helps xD
  5. as the other just said, join a HP train. or u can just earn HPs in PoF maps cause its soloable. or just create another character with different class. engi isnt newbie friendly imo. so go with a class thats easier. like guardian, ranger, or necro. i dont think deleting ur character or stop playing is ur answer. u can try so many things in this game. take it easy and slow, enjoy every step. the game isnt only about class.
  6. some easy classes are probably necro, ranger and guardian. i suggest u go with guardian. pretty straight forward. lots of builds u can choose. and guardian is always needed in endgame content. but i think its better to not to use the 80 boost. leveling manually will make u get to know ur class better. u could get overwhelmed with the skills and traits. getting to lv 80 is not a long way. u can do dungeon to make the progress faster. or if u have tome of knowledge then u can def use it.
  7. definitely minion master reaper. reaper is pretty straight forward so i think its the easiest class to play. beside with minions u can pretty much do damage by doin nothing or pressing less keys. and ur minions will take most of the damage. once i see this person went afk in sandswept isle where the inquest base is, theres lots of mobs there. but he didnt die, he couldnt. cause the minions killed the mobs without the person doin anything XD so yea i hope it suits u :)
  8. so honestly its very hard to take in ur question xD because u didnt state what class u playing. every class has different builds, and u can choose out of those builds. but from what i see is that if u choose power build, then ur weapon should be power as well. it does u nothing good if u have power weapon and condi weapon in the same build. as u say if u runnin power ranger, then berserker/marauder longbow it is my main is power soulbeast, druid, and condi mirage. so i use berserker longbow for my soulbeast, harrier staff for my druid, and viper axe/pistol for my mirage. i dont mix different
  9. so for griffon its like a more fun way to fly and if u start from a high place then dive, u can get anywhere so fast. because griffon honestly is faster than skyscale. but if ure like gonna climb something to get a vista for example, then u have to switch to springer. for skyscale its like normal. u can get to any places easily, u dont have to switch mount just because u wanna get that one vista. it makes everything easier not gonna lie. but for example if u just gonna keep flying from one place to another (no obstacle whatsoever) then skyscale isnt as fast as griffon. and theres the grinding.
  10. HPs in PoF maps are easier than the ones in HoT maps. You can pretty much solo HPs in PoF. If you know where the HPs are and how to get there, then its def best to just earn the HPs in PoF. If you dont, then maybe you can try HP train.
  11. I know there’s probably some thread about this already. But maybe there’s some new thoughts. So what happened to Malyck? We know that Sylvari is Mordy’s minions. Malyck said he will help the commander if they need help. So where is he?!
  12. hey i had the same problem a while ago before i decided to main my ranger. i like class that’s aesthetically pleasing as well. and can do any content solo. what i found is that mesmer (mirage) is the asnwer. even tho i did choose ranger to be my main ( i have my personal reason xD). why mirage? condi mirage with rabid or trailblazer gear is pretty strong. and because of the ambush and energy sigil u do a lot of dodge. ngl im suck to do damage in any class but one time i did strike train with my guild and my dps wasnt so bad. and i pretty much survive the entire mechanic chaos xD all i have i
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