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  1. The only issues with making more combat-usable tonics are that you can't mount with them active.
  2. No they way I thought it worked is that when we hit the tier # we get the reward for that tier.
  3. (1) Rewards are awarded after completing a tier; T5 hasn't been completed.(2) The mechanic triggers only in relevant maps, e.g. cities and other core locations. I knew everything else about the event just didn't know we had to fully complete Tier 5 to get Tier 5 rewards. I hope we make it in time.
  4. Did anyone get the Tier 5 Boss Rush Reward yet? I thought we were supposed to get it as soon as we hit Tier 5 but I've not received it yet.
  5. what do those threads have to do with completing previous set packages? The two threads you linked are complaints. This thread is a suggestion to complete seasonal mount sets like Halloween, shiverpeaks, wintersday ect. It's also making a suggestion to continue some of the licence sets like the Exalted and Primeval.
  6. So we have a home instance node for Quartz Crystals, Candy Corn, Watchwork Gears, and the Christmas Tree that we can get snowflakes from the presents... So Anet, where's our Zhaitaffy Home Instance node? With the introduction of some new Guild Hall decorations, how will people be able to make the decorations like the Dragon Hologram if they come up short after the events gone? There will be no way to get more Zhaitaffy until you decide to host Dragon Bash again (The original Dragon Bash before this one was some 5-6 years.) So could we please have a Zhaitaffy Home Instance Node?
  7. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case anymore as I tried several times. I think I remember getting it this way too one time but that was a long time ago.
  8. Could you link me that post? I'd be really grateful.
  9. So I've been doing Map Completions on several alts through Season 4 and I've noticed that almost every map so far has a PoI locked behind events. The PoI at the Great Hall where Warden Amala is, Specimen Chamber in Sandswept Isle, ect. But one that I'm having trouble getting is the PoI in Jahai Keep where you have to do the race in order to nab it. The Great Hall and Specimen Chambers are easy to get with some planning and placing characters near the gated areas so you can log in and out to nab the PoI while the events are in process, however the PoI in Jahai Keep is locked behind a race and r
  10. I'm a casual and I have the mount. As for skins themselves; I was really hoping for a bundle of skins before an exclusive skin.
  11. That reminds me. After you break the shell you have a very short time to do your mining. I think it was only 30 seconds. It's only like 10 seconds to mine the brandstone inside the shell.
  12. I'm not using this thread to discuss Tengu, I'm aware those threads exist and I do use the search option; but again I'm not using this thread to discuss tengu. If I wanted to discuss the Tengu I'd use the appropriate thread. I'm using this thread to propose what could top the addition of mounts. What could Anet add or come up with to top mounts. HoT brought Masteries and with it Gliding, PoF finally brought the addition of Mounts which pretty much topped everything that came out in HoT. So whatcould top PoF's mounts? Please don't make assumptions.
  13. So I was discussing with some guildies on what could possibly top mounts for the next story and I was thinking; why not finally implement the Tengu as a playable race? Everyones speculating we're going to Cantha next and that'd be a perfect moment to add Tengu!
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