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  1. Basically from the release of this mission, I am wondering how it would be if some future version of this area would be added as a part of open world map. I really like the desing of this place as the colorful ponds remind me of my travels across America, so I would really enjoy the exploration with your own character + being able to meet the "Destroyer" dwarves and their develompent in the open world, maybe even some meta with them. What do you think? Would you like to it be fully accesible as normal map or would you rather leave it only as a closed instance? Of course it could even cont
  2. Verdant Brink, destroing those green things on the ground. NPC literally tell you there are dead bodies in those and Mordremoth is copying Mordrem from them. Actually there are several NPC dialogues across whole jungle directly pointing to the fact that Mordremoth is just copying and not corrupting (except the fact that his copying is a form of corruption...) He just takes a frog, puts it into the pod and he has multiple plant frog Mordrem. That is why only Primordus got so much green minions. However the core abilities all spread the same. Also mentioned by Taimi at some point
  3. Mordremoth never (at least in the vast majority of cases) corrupted. He captured or killed the victim and then used the body dead (thanks Zhaitan) or alive for copying. He surely was able to just corrupt, but for some reason didn't use this ability at all. If you don't believe me, I recoment you to replay HoT storyline again. I understand, Primordus moved across the entire map not to get more magic from Zhaitan's and Mordremoth's resting places but because he liked the way and wanted to give Balthazar a nice wide volcano to meet together.
  4. I don't see this as a competition for who has more maps. Should it be so, I would argue that Mordremoth has an entire DLC and Zhaitan almost half of the core maps (which is both obviously much more than two relatively small LS maps + a lab originally focused on Destroyers). Also, do not mess Far Shiverpeaks and Woodland Cascades together.
  5. So, Primordus was stirred by magic released by death of Abaddon, later claimed magic from Zhaitan and Mordremoth. But somehow, he wouldn't find magic from Balthazar and Kralkatorrik worth the effort? Risen Abominations and Risen Knights are flesh constructs created literally from pieces of flesh. Most of basic (non-mordrem guard) Mordrem are created in Blighting pods by creating a plant copy of original being. Not even talking about Tormentors, Husks and Teragriffs. ("The dragon is dead. And we, Sylvari, are still here." - contains Pale Tree, but still...) Branded Lieutenants and Wrath
  6. I would like to discuss the aftermath of the Champions dragon battle. For me, some statements which seemlingly confirms the death of both Elder Dragons, could actually mean the opposite; that Primordus and Jormag are in fact still alive somewhere. Let me explain. Dragon bodies dissapeared. Sure, you could say they destroyed each other, however all other Elder Dragons left their bodies after death and just released the magic. We know that Primordus and Jormag are able to travel through the mists, thanks to Balthazar, which basically means teleporting as proven by Kralkatorrik. Thus
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