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  1. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/0/06/Jormag_render_(Jormag_Rising).jpg Based on this model render I just wonder if Jormag was intended to have back legs or a long snake-like tail and just the front paws? There are also some concept arts with the wings, however I consider those to be scrapped and therefore I don´t really thing Jormag was intended to be able to fly in the end. Of course this is all just a speculation based on the official concepts. However, they seem to be named after the Norse world serpent, so the snake appearance only with hands added it is, I guess.
  2. You are very right and not only the elders alone: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Destroyer_Egg I only wonder if just Destroyer Crabs can hatch from those, or if something "bigger" is also possible. There is even one in the Wizard's Tower: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Destroyer_Egg_(Tower_of_Secrets)
  3. *fire alarm* Destroyers. I want an expansion full of fire, lava and volcanic areas swarming with Destroyers, even some yet unseen kinds. Primordus might be dead, but we could still get some deeper lore of his background and, preharps, some yet unknown Destroyer lieutenant could lead the rest of his kind towards the surface. Or an corrupted Asura. Yes. I want Destroyer Asuras.
  4. We were told that we have met Kryptis in the past. But this many? On the other hand, the Mursaat do originate form Nayos so why couldn´t those fish.
  5. I find ores to be more a mechanic issue than a lore one. They look different, are named different, yet reward a cassual material, because they simply have to. It could be avoided by some "reaction"/refinement of some Kryptis ore into Mithril or Orichalcum, but again, it looks different, is named different, just uses the materials expected from every map. Simply mechanic. It reminds me of when fishing was introduced. All catchable corrupted fish (Branded, Risen, Destroyer) drop the same fish meat as do the uncorrupted. Because of the mechanic. So, in these situations the lore is handled by the name and the look, not the drop. However, the fish mobs in Nayos are named exactly the same, look exactly the same, and very possibly have also the same drop. So the ore is 1/3 lore-odd, but these are 3/3 lore-odd. Especially the firts two points should not be. Not without a proper lore explanation. Therefore I find it to be slightly worse issue than the nodes. Basically, all what was needed was making a simple quick reskin, maybe even just a recolor and play with the names a bit. This is just a copy-paste.
  6. But these are also looking exactly like Tyrian fish. Naming would be one thing, appearance the other, but these have all of it. Should it be laziness, it really is a pure one. Shame on them.
  7. Peitha did say during the assault on Heitor that Kryptis basically copy everything... But this much? Shouldn´t we aply some Tyrian copyrights?
  8. All bodies of water in the newly added part of Nayos are full of Barracudas, Armored Fish and Freshwater Crabs. Why? Or better: How? I myself offer 3 possibilities: 1. Those specimens got into Nayos through some mist gate long time ago and managed not only survive, but actively mulitply to these days. 2. We were told we have met Kryptis already in the past. We all though it was pointing basically at Kanaxai, Deimos or Oni, but what if these are Kryptis too?! I mean they are all motsly pointy. They could get to Tyria and then just exist (the oposite of the 1. option). 3. Some Astral Ward members can be seen fishing. They could just bring the fish with them so they have something to catch.
  9. No need for another game. GW2 engine is still good enough to earn both new content for the users and more money for the owner in the many years ahead.
  10. You have to remember this map was created in a rush, as the next expansion was already being developed and dev teams cost money. Basically, it was ment as a road to the SotO (demon content). Still, especially when compared to the scrapped last part of IBS (also due to the next expansion – EoD), we should be glad it ended like this, for it is a finished content at least. And it has also a quite interesting landscape desing (except not letting us walk the sea above it, which would be a much better second half that the one tiny road up, again, it would cost more time and money needed for the next exp.). As for the question, yes. The infusion would help, it always does.
  11. So, you do all 5 daily tasks despite "being forced" to do only 4 to get the daily chest?
  12. It seems the new Legendary Relic has no visual effects at all. Despite originating from the runes to some degree (leg. runes and sigils doesn´t provide any visual effects), the relic itself acts more like a trinket. And all leg. trinkets have a visual effect, so I was expecting at least some "glow" from the relic. The visual effects of the legendary items are very important to me, as those items are the most powerful and expensive in the game. Therefore when I finally craft/earn one, I expect to be glowing, blazing, shining etc. thanks to it. I consider the visual effects to be inseparable part of the legendaries. I´d understand if an option to "turn off/hide" the effects would be added, but releasing a legendary item with no effects at all is a big no for me, even though it has just a cosmetic function. Other aspects of the leg. relic seems fine or acceptable, even the invention of the need to actively unlock the new variants in the future makes sense and sounds more challenging. I only hope that adding legendary items without visual effects is not going to become a standard in the future. That would be a great shame.
  13. Well, we all agree the recycling of rigging and models saves resources and time. That is the practical and economical reason. However, it is also very well incorporated into the lore: Pietha herself stated sometime overlooking Nayos that the demons have copied everything from other worlds. It was comment for the architecture, yet Kryptis use others for inspiration. They dream of others. They tend to take shape of already existing beings. Which can be a very good excuse to use rigging of creatures from Tyria. Same excuse can be very well used for the Elder Dragons. The corrupted minions are clear, the origin of the corrupted specimen remains the same and so does the rigging. As for the created minions (Primordus´s favourite, however every Elder Dragon [excluding Soo-Won] has created some specific minions), well, even the Elder Dragons have to take inspiration somewhere, so they mimick creatures they like and use that shape.
  14. This is somehow off the topic, but the plural has been usually used by the monarchs to point out that they ARE the country, the state, the people (eg. the top ones, unreachable, representing every peasant). There is also the author plural, but that is more like a colegial therm (a group of readers/thinkers/comrades representing each other). These days we have a very few monarchs running around, so there is really no need to use it. And even those few monarchs running around are usualy adressing themselves in the singular number (Odd, isn´t it? They invented the royal plural, they have the right to use it most of all people.) Therefore I see no need of using the plural for a one singular person; male, female or both, as it will always be a singular being who is not (usually) a monarch nor any other kind of specific being to who the plural number ties historically (also known as the lowborns – basically the whole society back then). You could now ask: "How would you call a nonbinary person then?" Obviously I would use a therm which that nonbinary person would told me. And be asured, usually it is not "they" nor "it", as I have met several and noone used those two pronouns. And now, let me quickly rush away from this controversial theme, for we are all forced to acknowledge there is no right answer. Not in this century at least. Back to the Elder Dragons. They naturally used gender pronouns only because the mortal languages use them, basically they were forced to for the communication.
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