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  1. Guardian - Willbender When Willbender made its appearance in Beta 1, we were hoping it'd dash into your hearts. It didn't quite make it, so we've executed changes on some of the major pain points we saw brought up and are excited to see you get your hands on it again soon in Beta 4. Key pieces of feedback that we identified were: 1) Skill animation felt stiff, with many skills rooting you in place during their animations. Specific changes made in response to this feedback: We've taken a look at a bunch of skills, with the approach of 'is there a strong gamepla
  2. You can get the points from anywhere. You can even start banking them now for End of Dragons. I actually prefer to unlock the specializations a little slowly so that I can get a feel for the options, rather than dive into the whole thing and just taking someone else's meta build. With Scrapper, in particular, I felt like the hammer was such an improvement over core Engie weapons that I didn't see a high cost to basically running only two traitlines for a little while.
  3. I think that would be too big of a change. You could make them track their target.
  4. Hoelbrak wouldn't be too bad if you were able to use mounts and gliding.
  5. That's only if you are looking to use the full charge. It seemed to work pretty well if you were willing to accept a smaller payoff and more frequent shots.
  6. The easiest way to give your character a new voice actor is to change languages, although that introduces a new problem. I do think it would be nice if there were a language selection option at character creation so that you could see what they would each sound like. Right now I think you need to restart the game just to test one out, which is a bit of a hassle. Even something like that really isn't worth implementing though.
  7. The noise doesn't bother me, just the animation. I avoid using it just because it's so ungraceful. The weapon definitely doesn't need any buffs, though, that's staff.
  8. I found the dragon trigger very difficult to use, flow seemed like it built too slowly and dissipated too quickly, and I wasn't able to build up the number of charges I was expecting. I was trying to fight some wurms, and I know the ability to interrupt is intentional, it just seems too easy, and I think Bulletproof Barrier has a height problem, because they were pummeling me right through it, possibly because they were going over?
  9. I didn't like having to recharge them every time I switched maps, or having to make the same build for underwater just so that they wouldn't get removed when I went swimming, or having to wait until I restarted them before I could jump back into a fight. If I only used one it wouldn't have been so bad, but I really like mantras so I greatly prefer it this way.
  10. I kind of saw that, but I didn't know what it was. Figures I would see you mention this right after I complained that it wasn't there. It does need to be a little more visible.
  11. I've played it more now, and I think it's not entirely unplayable. You just have very, very few options to change how its played. I think a complete rework of the traits is needed to create some kind of second playstyle, either boon support or condi, doesn't matter, just so that you get some kind of choice. I think all of the virtues need a better range, some additional power. I didn't want to complain about the range the first time around because I genuinely thought it was a "learn to play" problem, but it isn't. You just can't quite get to where you want to be, and trying to
  12. I didn't like the spec at all. I thought it would feel more like Daredevil, but the movement and animations didn't have anywhere near the same kind of fluidity or control. Off-hand sword seems like a bad idea altogether. I wanted to use it, but the normal Guardian off-hand weapons feel like a better fit. Main-hand sword was much more useful as an engage than the virtues, but obviously I already had that weapon on a higher damage/higher sustain build in core. I'd actually like to junk the weapon entirely and think about main hand dagger instead, it seems like it would be a better fit for
  13. Playing as a Guardian, I'll use the Snow Leopard occasionally in PVE to bypass fights. Between that and aegis I can nab things pretty easily without bothering to engage the mob protecting it.
  14. I love this. Partially for the functionality in that I think it would be useful, but mostly for the theme options. The virtues as a concept are so underutilized. Penitence, Repentance, or Contrition would all be great names for it, in my opinion.
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