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  1. do you know what dictionary is? it explains the meaning of words. try using one. challenge is the DIRECT opposite of casual. i also know, that the entire game cant be like this. i merely said, that the low level maps were my favorites.
  2. sooo more hitpoints is bad now? no wonder i couldnt play this game any longer. i always thought, that i died, because i ran out of HPs, but i guess you learn something new everyday...
  3. "mistaking preferences" is rich. if that was true, where are all those millions of casual players, that SHOULD be playing this game? OTOH, you see new world pop up and get a million players in a heartbeat. even a korean grinder with blatant P2W (lost ark)gets more spotlight, than this game. you even say it yourself" i enjoy challenge". that is the exact OPPOSITE of casual.
  4. i dont define the rules for the market , only for me. if GW2 was the hottest item since the humans learned to make fire, THEN you would have a point as for buildcrafting, its so complicated, that even mighty teapot can be shocked and amazed. if you think, that a casual player will go that far, just to play a game, then you are in for a big surprise. double lol for mentioning the term "balance" here.
  5. or maybe you should find a hardcore mmo. if you can find one, that is still functional. this is actually still SOLD as casual BTW. lol
  6. yep, the mobilegaming market is clearly struggling. if you want big business, you make a hardcore mmo, and just wait for that fat loot.
  7. wrong, in the lower levels OW you can literally play anything. and you are also wrong about what casual means. if you had supported it, anet would had grown, and THEN you could have had some raids every now and then. instead, we have a game, that is going nowhere. casuals have a game, that just stops. and the hardcores have a game without a proper start. i have never seen any other mmo , where the playerbase is so divided either. it makes oldschool alliance VS horde look like a kindergarden playground, and that aint right.
  8. explain to me how hitpoints and healing are not related. because i am VERY curious about that.
  9. "not related"?. anet made the nerfs, and they sell the game. who else would you blame? jebus? batman?me?
  10. yep, thats the problem, in a casual game everything should just work, and give the player some fun. just the way, that i could do it in most of the core OW. but it doesnt work that way now, does it?. so, its not a casual game anymore.
  11. "many of the builds, that were relevant" is the problem here. it should be ALL builds. SPECIALLY in a game that is sold as "casual", "play as you want "etc if its in the game, then it should also work in all zones. and it doesnt.
  12. do you even know how RPGs work at all? you build a character, by selecting skills and traits. the character IS the build. making it invalid, basically creates a dead end for that character. not only have i lost the character, that i liked to play. now i have to find a new build under the worst possible conditions. instead of learning and growing your chacter through the entire game, you just get some links to the fansites. very few people can defend this.
  13. the numbers speak for themselves. if it really was as casual , as you claim, then there would be more players. MANY more players. where are they? why did they stop playing? if it really was , because core is too easy, then the game would had performed like new world. instead, you end up with roughly the same % as the raiding community in other mmos coincidence? i dont think so...
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