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  1. Ok, i will try that ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Thanks for the answer, ill go with that, just one quick question.... Do i want to take Arcane Precision or Renewing Stamina for the Adept Slot? Using Balthazar Runes, would Arcane, Water, Tempest be useful? Or is it not worth it without the fire-traitline?
  3. Hey guys, I need a little help from the ele-mains on here for an open world build with celestial gear. So ill need help with traits/skills/weapons Im playing together with my girlfriend (Ranger) and want to be able to support her, because shes still learning the basics (lvl54 atm but shes not a gamer), while being able to do some hybrid dmg myself. I know that it might not be the most optimal way to play, but I rlly like the idea of celestial gear and it's getting buffed soon ๐Ÿ™‚ I habe both expansion so hit me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks a lot in advance ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Class : RangerElite : Misleader/Deceiver Theme : The Ranger was teached the art of deception and manipulation by ghost lights in the woods and uses the helplessness of travelers that got lost in the wild for his/her own good, manipulating them until they will never find their way back out. Weapon : Offhand Focus, getting mid range debuff and control abilities to further enhance melee range survivablity. ( OFF-TOPIC: Im not very good with dmg modifiers etc, so im not sure what numbers to put to the weapon skills. I imagine #5 hitting for around 4,5k CRIT on a berzerker/marauder power build IN PVP!) 4#: Beneficial BlockBlock incoming attacks for the next 3 seconds, if you dont get hit gain 25 enduranceFoes that you block get slowed30 seconds cooldownSlow (5 seconds)5 Targets 5: Intellect InfiltrationDamage: 800 base (look @ OFF-TOPIC above)Cast time: 1 1/2 secondsThe next weapon skill used by a foe has an 100% higher cooldown (skills #2-#5)35 seconds cooldownProjectilePiercesRange 6003 Targets Mechanics : Rising DarknessYour and your pets attacks induce unsecurities and fear in the hearts of the lost enemies, making them feel more and more helpless.Every attack that hits (not getting blocked, evaded, blinded, invulned) will put a stack on the enemies hit. After reaching 12 stacks, blind the foe, reset the stacks.One stack lasts for 3 seconds, the duration will refresh everytime a new stack is applied. (no internal cooldown)Condition dmg ticks will not apply stacks.Blind (3 seconds) Skill Type : Manipulation Heal:Distracted HealingManipulate the enemies around you into thinking your pet is the bigger threat.25 seconds cooldownCast time: 1 secondYour pet taunts the enemies around youHeal: 4,800Taunt (2 seconds)Radius 6005 Targets Utility:Mysterious PathsSwap places with your pet, your next attack weakens your foe, your pets next attack slows your foe30 seconds cooldownCast time: 1 secondLeap FinisherWeakness (4 seconds)Slow (2 seconds) Hopeless OffensiveFoes that attack you will be blinded and slowed(3 seconds duration to get activated)25 seconds cooldownInternal cooldown: 1 secondBlind (3 seconds)Slowed (4 seconds)Breaks stun3 Targets Selfish ExploitationSteal 25 endurance from your foe. Gain an attack of opportunity if the foe does not have at least 25 endurance.25 seconds cooldownCast time: 1 second Chaotic ChimeraYour pets next 5 attacks will put a debuff on the foe it is attacking.Attacking a foe that is debuffed, will daze him.45 seconds cooldownDebuff on foe: 3 secondsStacks on pet: 10 secondsInternal cooldown for daze: 1 secondDaze: 1/4 seconds Elite:PanicManipulate the minds of your enemies, causing them to panic and run away in fear,60 seconds cooldownCast time: 2 secondsRemove Boon: Stability, AegisFear (3 seconds)Radius 6005 Targets Traits : Minor Adept:Focus ProficiencyIgnis FatuusGain access to Manipulations. Your connection to Ghost Lights gives you access to Rising Darkness , blinding foes with your attacks Major Adept UP:Weakening DemoralizationFocus skills weaken foes around you, focus skills recharge faster20% Recharge reduction3 TargetsRadisu 450 Major Adept MID:Protecting InsecurityIf your foe has more than 5 stacks of Ignis Fatuus, you take 15% less dmg from them Major Adept DOWN:Empowering WeaknessDeal 3% more dmg for each of the following conditions on your foe:Weakness, Blind, Slow, Vulnerability Minor Master:"Go for the eye"Your pets first attack after swapping makes your foe vulnerable (3 stacks, 4 seconds) Major Master UP:Punishing BlunderAttacks that miss you, inflict cripple on the attacking foeInternal Cooldown: 6 secondsCripple ( 3 seconds) Major Master MID:Gain Protection, when you reach 12 stacks Ignis FatuusInternal Cooldown: 20 secondsProtection (4 seconds) Major Master DOWN:Rewarding DeceptionWhen you use Manipulation skills, your next attack leeches healthLeech: 380 Minor Grandmaster:Known PlightIncoming Slow gets halfed in duration, Blind has half effectiveness (50% chance to miss), Weakness doesnt affect endurance regeneration Major Grandmaster UP:Degenerating ImpactRemove a boon when you hit a foe that has 3 or more of the following conditions: Slow, Blind, Weakness, VulnerabilityInternal Cooldown: 9 seconds Major Grandmaster MID:Loosing HopeFoes that attack you with 4 or more conditions get slowedInternal Cooldown: 6 secondsSlow (4 seconds) Major Grandmaster DOWN:Blind RageWhenever you blind a foe, gain FuryInternal Cooldown: 8 secondsFury (4 seconds) I always thought about a good debuffer in GW2 and i thought iยดd give it a go.Im sure numbers/cooldowns etc have to be tweaked A LOT, i dont want to release another overpowered spec into this game, but more ppl are better in seeing potential overpowered and underpowered traits/skills/etc. UP trait line should be supportive, MID defensive and DOWN offensive To be able to control aggression with debuffs.
  5. Wow Iris, these look rlly good!I might switch the longbow though, because I don't want magical looking things, but the rest looks really beefy, love it.Thank you very much
  6. Somehow its not embedding the picture and i cant edit my comments right now??? Dont know what im doing wrong, but anyways, here are the imgur links:https://imgur.com/AYB9WLDhttps://i.imgur.com/dODmclg.jpghttps://imgur.com/n6mTqQ3https://imgur.com/a7gMwJb
  7. Hey Iris, I'm in desperate need of some fashion advice. Some background info:I'm usually fairly good of on my own regarding fashion in gw2, nearly all my characters look how I imagine them. I made this chart ranger to split my gear (healing and DPS) between my 2 rangers.My (now)healer is a sylvari that looks all fancy and magical, with aurora, infusions, Wings of Ascension etc. I want the charr soulbeast to look a bit more beefy, combat ready, like a type of fighter that goes into battle head on, without relying on magic. I'd also love a touch towards heavy armor on him, with metal plating or something like that.Right now he uses Brahams Wolfblood Outfit with a green/brown/gold/pale blue colour scheme. The ranger has the Priory's Historical Greatsword skin, which is one of my favourite non-magic skins, but I don't like the longbow skin of that set. I use the Auric longbow skin bit although I like the colours and the size (that "heavy" feeling it has) it is too magical for this character. I tried to match the character with the Priory's Historical Greatsword, regarding colour. Can you help me? :/ :)
  8. Hey man,I'd love to give you some pvp and pve advice, in chat or in a voice channel :)I've played since short after launch, made thousands of thousands of pvp games and the majority of the available pve content (except for the achievement hunting).I'm usually only from 8pm-0am, everyday.You can write me here or in-game if you are looking for a mentor :)GreetingsJoker In-game: DerJoker.9081 I'm on EU though :/
  9. If you want to update ArcDPS, delete the d3d9.dll in the bin64 folder, delete the one in your download folder too and then download arcDPS's new d3d9.dll with the newest patch and copy it from your download folder into the bin64 folder.Launch game and it should work
  10. I searched a lot and found the basic preset that Gw2 hook comes with the most beautiful looking.Just click + at the home tab of gw2hook, name it something and then check all 6 boxes below.It does add some vibrance which is not for everyone but give it a try.
  11. I really like the necromancer elementalist combo... Lots of aoe and necromancer slows down the mobs, so they won't run out of your aoes. Also works with a niche ranger build and ele. Ranger with an immob and cripple focused build
  12. I think if ppl whisper me being annoyed by my class, that is a prove of how good I was... :)My favorite answer : "so many flavors and you choose to be salty"
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