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  1. i have not crafted sellable legendaries for quite some time now. is it automatically added to the armoury when you crafted it, OR you have to equip it first only then it is added ?
  2. why ? because Anet incentivise zerging and punish roaming that's why. removing outnumbered pip is an example.....
  3. too much dust particle effect, putting stress on my old graphic card.
  4. i have few cases of the game freezing on DX11 after entering reaper shroud when fighting. it is intermitten though.... anyone else experience that ?
  5. chill tiger. it is beta, meant for testing, not the final product... if it fails, it fails
  6. alpha = internal employee test beta = public user test. they are using the correct term.
  7. i don't understand the madness. it is called beta for a reason. chill....
  8. this beta dx11 should run for as long as it can, and the dev can do bugfix along the way as more feedback will be provided by the players.
  9. is the upcoming Alliance concept the same as in GW : Faction ?
  10. earth is round. gameplay is not all about american.
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