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  1. Hi all. Would like to request the option to buy, sell, or straight swap mount skins please. I have loads of skimmer skins that I never use, and also a few other mount skins that are just sitting there. I also spent 1200 gems some time ago with intention to buy the gilded shortfang but ended up with another skin from a different pack altogether. Wasn't even the nicest skin of the two available skins. Thanks for your time. Edit: Also please, more useful ways to get goodies out of obsidian, Dragonite, Bloody Dust, and the other blue crystal thing,
  2. Hello everyone. Can soulbeast change pets while in combat or hasn't change since last update? I was reading through, but couldn't find the right info. Thanks.
  3. So I would like to see your oppinions about areas of tyria that are yet to be discovered. Such as Scavengers Causeway, Dzalana, Blazeridge Mountains, Dominion of Winds, North Maguuma Wastes, Janthir Bay, Tarnished Coast; and others. Do you think we will ever go there? What we will find? What's the story with those areas? Your thoughts please.
  4. Thank you dani. I use the map a lot, and so it woul be easier to just click and unclick a marker into place at the press of a mouse button. I'm a little lazy for the keyboard combo key presses. We already use right button hold to pan, and left ro access WPs. So it would be awesome if middle or other button would serve to place markers.
  5. Hi all. So far the only way I know how to place a map marker, ( The white star ) is by holding alt and clicking on map. Is there an easier way to do this with mouse, without using keyboard, or assigning a different key for this? If not, I'd like to request the option in the controls to add a mouse center button please, or another mouse button. If the option is there, I can't seem to find it. Any help? Thanks in advance.
  6. I would like to request a slight change in elemental mechanics. I think that instead of summoning one ele at the time; it would summon all three simultaneously of the current attunement, and instead of having a timer on them, they could have an energy bar that would slowly deplete, similar to the current timer, but the difference is that you could refill it by killing foes and gathering energy from them. If you want to change ele summons. After the normal skill recharge, and summon a different ele trio, it would replace the current three. So you could change and ad
  7. GW1 Weapon and Armour Skins. . Deldrimor Sword . Exalted Aegis Etc... . More Skyscale skins on promotions. . Exalted Armour set . Firewings with solid top area, combo. Please
  8. Cheers. Thank you for letting me know. Cheers bud. Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully I'll get those two mastery points after all.
  9. @Sobx.1758 You certainly spend a lot of time trying to prove why mercs is a bad idea. You definitely feel very passionate about game changing, to the points of going through everything posted and try twist words in order to try ridicule people, because you can't come up with a plausible explanation, other than you are against it. Ok. Saying that content is solo-able and the personal story is stating so, it's not the same as a single player game, by any stretch of the imagination. Period. Besides, so you're saying that because someone not always feels like playi
  10. Hi all. I need help completing triple trouble achievement. Only got Crimson. Need the other two. Would like to gather a good team to get this achievemnt, please. Any help will ve much appreciated.
  11. Wrong. I never once suggested nor implied the game is a single player. I'm simply arguing the point that I agree with having mercs. But that's your entire argument. Is it not? You just contradicted your last quoted statement. But I disagree. When you intergrate solo-able content in an mmo. No. It's not clear. Right. But that does not explain why you so strongly disagree with mercs. Nothing at all. Never said it was. If you read the whole of my last post, you'd see that there are very good
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