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  1. Certainly. Mercenaries are henchmen copies of your own characters that you can use in your party. But GW1 wiki/Mercenaries can explain better. Useful if instead you wanna play solo on your private instances or dungeons, and you can have a party of your own. So you could create a charr warband, for instance. You get the picture. 😊
  2. 1. Performance Improvements 2. Mercenaries 3. Paragon, Dervish, and Ritualist
  3. What useful ingame hobbies, such as fishing or hunting would you want, if any? EG. Fishing. ( You'd gather fish to cook, and there could also be competitions) Or do you think the game is fine as it is without it? Your own ideas please.
  4. Okey doke. I wasn't aware of that. Thanks @kharmin.7683
  5. So am I. I'm using sarcasm this time, because I didn't on the OP.
  6. Exactly. If we went to therapy over the most benign things, we'd spend half the time there and we couldn't afford it. It's utter nonsense telling someone they need therapy because they say they love a game. I smoke cigarettes, maybe I need therapy for that too, along with half the world's population. But hey, what do you say to that? Gotta laugh it off.
  7. Got it. Thank you very much for taking time to explain it. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I remember playing Runescape for a few months before GW, and it had a quick mode for dueling in open world. You'd bing a key for on or off, and you could quickly switch if you wanted to challenge other players or be challenged... a lot of times by surprise. Not sure if it would work in GW. Maybe just in specific places, such as designated areas? I mean if bettle racing don't have its own arenas/racing tracks and are in open world, maybe dueling wouldn't be so
  8. With so many topics to read through, and as an asura once said "You get 3 asura together, and you get 4 opinions" It's never too clear how each one subjectively and objectively would rate Guild Wars 2. So I would like to know everyone's rating in 2 ways please. 1 - 1-100% (From 1 to 100) 2 - 1/5 Stars 🌟 ( 1 to 5 stars )
  9. Hey. I haven't seen you around in a while... or I've been missing your posts. I still don't know what this duel thing is all about. What is it?
  10. You're right. Except maybe that last bit. Haha. Thanks for you post buddy. 👍🙏
  11. Well, thank you very much friend. I really appreciate that. Cheers. 🔝➕🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  12. Oh well. There's always Final Fantasy, I suppose. Maybe I'll get into casino games and spend my cash there. Then I'll become addicted to them, and then I will really need therapy... because apparently I already do. 😂😉 Same $h** different smell. Haha. The things you have to read in forums, right? We come here showing appreciation for the game and company and end up getting insulted. Funny thing is that my playstation stopped working too... so I had almost nothing to keep me occupied. My brother let me borough his, so that's what I've playing
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