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  1. Do you guys happen to do fractals? I'm looking into doing them. If so, could you mail me in game? Thanks!
  2. Do trading post guilds exist? Primarily dealing with economy and trading? Looking for one if there is one recruiting.
  3. Hey everyone, We are currently looking for 4-5 people to join our guild to learn how to raid/progress. We are a lvl 69 guild with 150+ members.We are requiring 2 things: Be patient and laid back. You will be learning raids along side us. Have a sense of humor. We tend to be pretty silly so a sense of humor is a must! If you are on a US server and would like to join us, send me a message in game @ThirtySevenPandas.5170 or simply respond with your name below and I will send you an invite. We look forward to having you!
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