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  1. Same issue since 23 Nov 2021 update. I can only access the TP via the NPC, but the game crashes when selecting the Gem Store. Crash immediately happens when pressing [O] ingame šŸ˜­
  2. I use "Hero of Lion's Arch" on my Sylvari main, because I still have fond memories of the Battle of Lion's Arch. I use "Been there. Done that." on my Human main, because map completion was definitely one of my goals when I started playing GW2. I also like "Ruler of the Skies", but I'm still raising my Skyscale. Hehe yeah going through the game slooowwwly ^^
  3. Oooh you guys are working on a 3rd expansion? That's so awesome! Really hope we'll return to Cantha and find out what has happened there. Keep up the good work <3
  4. I would love to see Metal Legion perform in other cities e.g. during Winter's Day as well! There's a flyer in the magazine that does list Grothmar Valley, Divinity's Reach, Rata Sum, Lion's Arch & Black Citadel as tour locations.. so... :3
  5. Even though I kinda like the PoF login screen... I'm definitely ready for it to change. Let's hope we'll get a brand new login screen as soon as the Icebrood Saga truly kicks off. It would be even better when we could choose the theme of our login screen :3
  6. Hahaha, same! :# But, I still hope we'll get a Cantha Expansion in GW2.. someday. Even if it would be the final expansion. If they can't incorporate all the cool new developments in the current game and have to build something new, I definitely wouldn't mind moving on to GW3. For now I'm just not really done enjoying GW2 sighs
  7. If getting the additional mounts causes too much distress, just don't do it. I still don't have the Griffon, Rollerbeetle, Warclaw & Skyscale... because I found the collections to be daunting and haven't been impacted much by not having them. I do hope to get them one day though. I'm actually waiting for the boyfriend to catch up so we can do the collections together ^^ Maybe that could be an idea. Try to do the collections with a friend / guildie so that it doesn't feel too much as a grind?
  8. When you login, you'll receive a Login Reward. More info about this can be found on the Wiki https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Login_rewards More info about Dailies can be found here https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Daily Hope this helps!
  9. I always get so sad when I travel through Kessex Hill. I truly hope they will start a clean up / restauration some day!
  10. Currently at the office, so I wasn't able to do a deep dive. But I found the following article: Video game loot boxes are linked to problem gambling: Results of a large-scale surveyhttps://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0206767 "The results of this study suggest that there is an important relationship between problem gambling and the use of loot boxes. The more severe that participantsā€™ problem gambling was, the more money they spent on loot boxes." I couldn't find any articles with a clear causal relationship between loot boxes > increased change of gambling addi
  11. I too picked up GW2 on release date (actually bought it twice because I wanted a different user name) and stopped playing at the start of 2014 due to hardware issues and working full time. It was not until they announced Path of Fire would release in 2017, I decided to get a new PC and get back into the game. I purchased Hearth of Thornes and got ready for Path of Fire. Needless to say, I missed out on Living World episodes and also contemplated if I needed to purchase the episodes immediately. In the end I focused on the expansions, because of the story offered (finally facing Modremoth and
  12. Haha thanks for the recap. I know a lot of players already 'know' the stuff, but somehow I found it interesting to see what the guy himself had to say during the interview. In a way it can be helpful to actually see what has been said by the devs, without all the additional speculation and reading between the lines.
  13. Some days ago a different article from pcgamesn.com was shared, it seems the website shared another interview with Mike Z talking a bit more about the future of Guild Wars 2, the four-team method of building content, and some long-awaited features like Swiss tournaments and world restructuring. Sharing it here for those who haven't read it yet! https://pcgamesn.com/guild-wars-2/pvp-raids-world-restructuring
  14. My main two rangers went through a large part of the personal story before the New Player Experience and I remember having a hard time. I actually didn't even finish 'Victory or Death' until after it was soloable. Being able to move on to the next chapter while not fully hitting the recommended level was possible at that time,. so yeah that probably was a huuuge part of it being so hard. I used to get caught up in the story and pushed forward while having a lower level. Recently I created new characters and definitely found it a lot easier to go through the personal story missions. I also joi
  15. This! When I returned to GW2 just before the release of PoF, I was excited to dive into HoT.. but I got so overwhelmed. Somehow it was much easier to get back into everything while playing PoF. I've completed HoT, but I still have the feeling I haven't tamed the jungle hahaha :s
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