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  1. First and foremost : players play for fun. So, you're looking for some sort of excuse ? There's none. Even now with the servers, I think most players just go to spend some time bandwagoning or whatever they enjoy in the game mode. I don't think players care about anything more than "I want to win as long as I'm online" in WvW. Heck, even winning the matchup is irrelevant.
  2. I really wish I could randomly run in perma stealth and hit 350k any foe I meet. * sigh * Maybe the next e-spec ?
  3. It also has fun. .... Whoops, sarcasm again. Sorry ! ^^;
  4. Hello and welcome, In WvW, you are assigned to a server, which belongs to a shard (that's the way ANet recently named them) which is your colour. During the matchup, your shard earns points in 2 ways : Each time the enemy is killed ; it's called PPK (points per kill) At each tick (when the countdown reaches zero), your shard gains points depending on the amount of objectives held, and the tier they've reached (like, a T3 keep provides more points than a T0). These are called PPT (points per tick). Then, you'll see PPT in lots of discussion here as
  5. All in all, I think it's mostly a matter of vocabulary and definitions. Case #1, raised by @Xenesis.6389 : ANet needs to define what performance is (including the situation of them gathering the players' input). That definition will provide the way they measure it, which may be the basis of rewards, etc. It'll also help understand what the purpose of the gamemode is. Which leads to Case #2 : (kindly quoted from @Sviel.7493 answer, but from the dev) What is the goal ? The use of quotation marks seem to show that the
  6. AND BOOM ! Sh*tstorm from a lazy and ungrateful gamer community that flushed down the skritt-dump 90% of the awesome ideas they created with passion, dedication, money and dev time. So, no more candies, no more time for WvWers that only want to zeg in circles around alpine. Proof is : they're still rolling and rolling. That and the GvG thing too.
  7. I can't see any reason the average zergling will care when... Wait... When have I become so pessimistic about the human nature ? Oh dear... Brace yourselves, core improvements incoming in 20+ years !
  8. I've also been fairly disappointed with the traits. I feel like they are too generic, some are rough copies of other traits. I don't see synergies or really specific things that would be a meaningful tradeoff. To me, the thing is : virtuoso is a class designed on something narrow. Like pew pew damage all around as the only distinctive characteristic. Shatters are pew pew damage, dagger is pew pew damage, utilities are... Well... You got it. No hybrid DMG, no boons or significant locking condis, debuff, or whatever, to increase the playstyles. Therefore, tra
  9. You're right ! Please ANet delete the thief class because it's built on the loathsome stealth mechanic which allows for too much exploit and frustration.
  10. Thanks for the nice input, and improvement. I think it'll fill a meaningful purpose as GvG is often asked for. I just hoped it won't be ruined by self-management issues like too many guilds wanting to use the arena at the same time, or grievers joining only to troll. I don't think there's much that can be done on ANet's side without huge restrictions that'd impair usability too much. GvG addicts : have fun !
  11. I don't know what amazes me most. The fact that these figures exist, or the fact that some consider that a single skill can erase half the HP pool of a super tanky build, implying that it can do a one-shot kill on glassy builds, and still consider the situation normal and healthy in a game mode where human players have to lose.
  12. Thanks for raising the topic. As far as I'm concerned, it's even worse than a balance issue. It's a game design issue. Let's consider the raid/WvW split. From what I understand, raids are a really demanding game mode, that ask DPS to be extremely effective, a 100% boon uptime, with specifically alacrity and quickness. That comes from the way they're designed, the encounters, the mobs. So the game provides tools that can allow for very high DPS, very high boon generation and uptime etc. The first issue comes here : there aren't enough of these tools. For example, it seem
  13. Never forget the video when devs introduced the scourge. They well insanely laughing while burning those golems to ashes using the big shade and condi bombs. They were so proud and happy. Who could have expected, at this time, that this could only lead to a disaster in WvW, and that the elite spec would eventually be mowed to uselessness...
  14. I'm a bit bewildered by all those changes. There're ideas indeed, some things that might be worth trying, but... It's juste plainly obvious that raids and fractals were the only considerations in mind when designing them. Bosses, long fights, static foes etc. That's not what you get in sPvP or small scale WvW. The effect of torment change will be terrible in these game modes. The whole idea of a 30s boon cap is plainly ridiculous when most of a fights are a matter of seconds, and the boon output is insane. I'm not expecting much of changes designed to tweak
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