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  1. At least you know how to brighten up a terrible set of maps op.. thank you for todays diary. Keep up the good work Soldier.
  2. Stone Dwarves and Skritt, why because we need more small races.. and they are much cooler than humans, plant humans, giant humans. dog/cat humans.. We need small humans and rat humans asap.
  3. Because op a lot of this game makes no sense whats so ever.. And balance is king.. even though balance isn't king its more like a joker.. A lot of GW2 skills are ruined thanks to "balance"
  4. Agreed its really stuttery and and bad fps for me on dx11 rx580 8gb i hope they never disable dx9.
  5. uh huh, only did that once never again, too much forced group content i had no interest in.
  6. I guess different strokes for different folks but Ele is way more boring than Ranger to me. Mesmer is only good now since the EoD spec landed. Celestial is better.
  7. A bit of a failure so far.. Beautiful maps, boring enemies.. not because they are easier to beat but really speakers (humans, tengu), Brotherhood (humans, Tengu) Aetherblades, again.... god they are a pitiful enemy and Cantha (robots, humans) i mean where are all the cool monsters, all the other anything? even the undead barely have a role.. The setting is pretty but the content is barren.. At least there is less CC all over the place.. Thats some what a plus. And at least 70% of the elite specs were good finally. Fishing is boring because its not useful at all. Boating is terri
  8. Because it was a far better game overall, it was better balanced imo in pve, and a lot less grind mostly. Sadly its pretty dead these days so some content is very hard to do with just AI teammates. I still have all my retail discs somewhere and all the expansions.. Cantha was so much better.
  9. Off topic some what but someone in another thread was saying to follow Audio and visual queues in all that lol 🤣
  10. No not really.. Anet made owpve crafting or some version of pvp /wvw to get ascended.. No sane casual person would chase strikes, raids or even fractals for Ascended gears.. thats just crazy town. As far as i know there is zero ways to collect Ascended gear or weapons in owpve (outside of knight of the thorn).. its just not possible. Which is dead silly.
  11. Welcome to Heart of Thorns... You kinda know now why the GW2 populations died over night when it first released, Don't let these forum goers lie to you it was hated by a huge number of people and still is.. To the point its had funnily enough two or three major overhauls since release.. Cough nerfs Cough. That said i agree its a nightmare.. And what you say i completely agree. Its crazy stupid some of these in game things.. But please stop bagging out us Asura we are tiny people too, but i agree we do glide well. That's the problem with Guildwars 2.. New customers buy these expans
  12. I did three maps worth of content in EoD, and died to multiple HP bosses where other classes had no issues killing them in seconds, maybe its the terrible healing Guardian has but its damage felt low as well, compared to Engi, Ranger, Necro, Mesmer and Thief Specter of which i passed all of EoD with with no real issues.. Mesmer, Necro, Engi, Ranger, Specter Thief. Warrior, Revenant, Ele and Guardian are all bad in my opinion.
  13. Echovald forest, i believe everything is 80.. I see as i said a gimmick ability.. great. Can't really win against that.
  14. Hello i'm getting confused with the new Expansion, when i attack many enemies so many attacks say glancing? Is this some new gimmick EoD has added or is there something wrong with my characters.. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Glancing A few things i've checked I'm level 80 in lv 80 zones obviously.. I'm not weakened My weapons are lv 80 Its happening a lot on my Mesmer but i have seen it on other classes.. What is making 70% of my attacks glancing in EoD?
  15. I think you missed the bus, i don't think long term rewards are needed, just lots and lots of short term rewards. but if something is a long term reward i generally just over look it or ignore it.. I'm here for a good time not a long time.. I come and go from Gw2 so when i'm here i want to enjoy it with easy to do and easy to get content and rewards.. And if the rewards are what i deem crazy or cannot buy them i wont bother. Its just me. I believe he was being sarcastic or trolling.
  16. Already tried Lord Hizens build it was lackluster.. Sorry i disagree Guardian is trash these days, try running scepter and torch and see how well you do 40k dps.. Actually try running anything outside of Firebrand axe or greatsword. Sword wasn't very successful.
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