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  1. I slowed this reply because I wanted to shorten it as much as I could, with limited time today. It was a struggle. As far as chapping my hide, not so much as I mentioned above. I still don't agree with limiting player choice. I still believe the suggestion for using account names as a differentiator is just fine. Variability within the 19 character limit is something I'm glad you understand my point about. I still believe that my original solution is still a partial solution to the issue I have there. I read other peoples points regarding personal matters and hiatus; I can
  2. Thank you for confirming that, I feel like anet should have good judgement if that's the case. I'm going to have to disagree. Restrictions put on the player reduces player choice no matter what. In this case, there is no 'greater good' despite what people want to believe. I don't agree. This is because initial resistance will always be the loudest in an attempt to squash opposition. There are people who would say the same and they simply don't participate because of course the loudest people try to make an example of what happens to anything beyond the status quo. What p
  3. Okay, then what you're saying still does not address why we should have more options available to us. I mentioned in my post that we are very limited in use of the exact symbols that we are allowed within our naming conventions. Everyone seems to hyper-focus the similarity portion and not take anything else into account. So, am I wrong to assume it is only the name-copying part of what I've already stated in my original post that people take issue with? That if we still had more variability, as I mentioned, and more freedom to use our space as needed, that would overall
  4. I have the names I want on my toons, some of them I change or recreate when necessary. That still does not mean that I am posting this because a name I wanted wasn't available and I just couldn't deal with it. I made other names. But only out of necessity. I never had a say in the matter, and that was never an option from the start. Why is it we never see any posts complaining about someones name being copied by someone else whose name is exactly represented, just using an accent? Because nobody cares if their name is copied. The difference between a name being copied, and a name b
  5. So what is the difference if the player has no choice in the matter? There are posts that already disagree, certainly, but are you the authority figure to say that threads of a similar nature have been "unanimously" shot down when there was no agreement? 19 characters should be a lot, but there are still some names I try to make which take 23 or 25 characters. I get that we don't want to have really long names on our screen. My point there was that we aren't given a lot of character/symbol solutions to make better use of our 19 spaces. For EoD I think so bec
  6. That would make more sense, I only heard people complain that their name was an inside jest or something more personal to them that anet made them change. It makes more sense if tehy had something more offensive in the name. also, I don't know how people do the multiple boxes reply thing. I'm sorry if I'm quoting too big a chunk of text
  7. Without derailing the conversation, I promise I wasn't asking for an essay from you. Your post lacked direction, so I was asking out of genuine curiosity. Is it wrong for me to assume you would have nothing more to add when what you wrote was already mentioned? In the interest of the topic, there's nothing wrong with pointing things out for clarity. I'm sorry if I offended you. That being said, there are still good points in this thread either way. That's more important overall for everyone than a vague "yes" or "no".
  8. I'm not assuming an inactive account is holding any given name up, but I don't have any trouble finding friends playing who will tell me their name was taken when I query about their toon. I like the idea that was posted as a reply about account names being specific. I've also read posts making good points to why name renewal isn't favored. That being said, other games have this and there isn't an apparent problem in their communities about it. Many games have Seasons where players choose a name again, and there are no problems with those systems. Other games also have account name
  9. People have had their names taken from them for lesser reasons than inactivity. What you're saying applies to them in a more literal sense than it would if everyone had the same treatment.
  10. Then read the reply below my post. I posit that you likely don't have any toons with more than 1 unopened birthday gift on your account. It's completely realistic to log into each of our characters over the course of just 2-6 months, even if it's just to move stuff around or check for gear. I suggest someone is more likely to do this, especially, if they don't play as often or know what is on their different toons.
  11. Absolutely. The current system is completely busted, and this would be a much preferred solution.
  12. Anet, please, if you're going to demand we wait for a name to not be "In use" then you need to implement a system that prevents trolls, griefers, bots, or people who just simply don't play your game anymore who have nothing but a FREE ACCOUNT from permanently holding names. We have been pleading with you for years about this. It's simple: 18 months of no activity = name goes back in the system. On top of this strict "get lost" policy you currently grace us with, you force us to use only Latin alphabet unless we're running Chinese client, Capital First Letter After Every
  13. so it's a catch-22... Alas. Awful design begat awful design.
  14. Necroing this thread. Charr medium armor still has a metric dongload of issues. Tail clipping, missing horns, magic floating sheet metal shoulderpiece... Anet save us. Fix charr dagger 1 animation on literally every class while you're at it.
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