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  1. You mean that guy who insults everything, screaming around and starts one shitstorm and troll after the other? Yeah, very "enthusiastic"... Mostly yelling, barely anything else. But that guy knows the game better that the guys who developed said game you say? L M A O
  2. The "black flame" effect of the Ghostly Outfit ist bugged. Normally they behave like flames or hair that are underwater, but now it's just two or three 2D Sprites glitching around and appearing/disappearing when camera/character is turned. Nevermind: I had low graphic settings. That caused the problem. I think it's intended, not a bug.
  3. Still doesn't work at all. Hoped for a fix with the "Return to" event, but seems even more ppl will be disappointed from this item and spend their currencies for nothing.
  4. I think the main argument is "AFK players upscale the event", because the indeed to that by staying at the event and do nothing to help. But well, practically it doesn't has any effect at al because: 1.) there are simply not enough afk players at an event to cause any trouble the other players and 2.) with a dmg range that reaches from 2k to 20k+ among all participating players, it doesn't change anything if 5 or 10 players do 0 damage.
  5. But that wasn't my point at all... My point was, that even raid CM's theoretically can be leeched, since even Dhuum CM can be done with less than 10 ppl. So if you really want to make a worldboss so difficult that it fails, if there are a hand full leecher (or ppl with low dmg), you had to choose a difficulty that is even harder than Dhuum CM. And that's as far from reality as it could be. And again your "you play as you want and not the best way possible, LeEcHeR!!" toxic bubbling... You should accept that open world is not what you imagine it is. Not, it's all the arguments you graceful ignore. 😉 Calling you toxic is... you know, because your argument were toxic. Helping others the way you can (even if it's not "the best way" or "useful" in your eyes) has nothing to do with leeching. They actively do the event and participate, even if their "influence" isn't as much as you would like. And yet there are tons of players who simply don't care if they "peform descently" or not. They play the build they like, can do everything they want and participate in open world events, because the do not require anyone to "peform descently". Yeah, I think the "problem" in our communication is the different definition of "leeching" we have. For me a leecher is someone who actively abuse others to get something -> staying afk and wait that others do the event. For you I think leechers also include those who "needs the help" of other players and peform much worse than others. In other words those people I called casuals. The "make content harder" argument aside, I think we actually agree, that you can't get rid of afk leechers, without scaring away casuals / "leechers who play actively". PS. Probably it's my fault, I'm not a native english speaker and it happens that I understand things wrong. But using english forums, chats etc. is a good way for me to increase my english, so at least I learn from (most) misunderstandings. ^^
  6. But that's not true at all... o.O That's the difference. As a game designer you have to care about all players and the success rate for all events/maps. If an open world permanently fails for any map that has a few afk ppl or some players with <5k dps, it's simply a very very poor balanced event. Actually the balance failed at that point. Like I said some times before -> you won't get rid of leechers by making an event more difficult. They don't care how much trouble they cause or if the event fails because of them -> they are afk. And if they won't get loot because the event fails, they simply will be there at the next event and stay afk. Leeching doesn't require any effort. You are wrong, if you think that those ppl will think "oh, the event doesn't work, if I'm leeching. So I will play actively / So I will leave the map". They will come back next time and hope that it works then, because it's free loot for them. No matter if 4 of 5 events fail, it's still free loot. Eh... no, it was the other way round. Better read again. 🙂 A personal opinion that would kill the game, if game designers of this kind of a game would think so. It wasn't only the spam 1 part of the community who complained. But your example is very good to see what happens, if open world stuff become too difficult -> it will scare away the biggest part of the playerbase. An open world boss with raid level difficulty (if not more) simply wouldn't be done. Maybe some raid guilds would do them, but no "normal" guild and no community, since they simple weren't able to beat it. And yet there would be leechers, following those raid guilds to their maps and go afk waiting for their free loot. You forget that the loot system of GW2 isn't widespread. Most MMO's use the egoistic loot system where the player/group witht he most dmg gets the loot. That means it's useless to leech most of the time, because you don't get any loot. 1.) It's no proof at all, since your personal, subjective experience can't prove anything. 2.) See above. Difficulty is not the (only) reason for leechers. I agree. But your vision of killing all casual stuff in the game is delusional. It's pretty obvious that this game will never change into a "hardmode only" game that get rid of all casual stuff. This game lives from casuals, it's even GW2's big adventages above other MMOs that it is so casual friendly. You shouldn't ask what "you want for the game", you should ask wha you can get from the game. And then you should play that parts that you like instead of trying to change the parts you don't like by 180° to make them fit your taste. If you don't like most of the game, maybe it's not the right game for you. You should consider that. Ehm... where exactly did I complain about leechers? Can you quote that part? I'm curious. I don't care about leechers, since they won't affect me, my loot or my experience at all. So? Do you really want to deny other people's opinion, just because they don't fit yours? Some want easier content, some want harder and every "kind" of players get their gamemode. Trying to "hijack" open world events to get more raid like content, is just stupid.
  7. So you want to kitten off all players who want a weapon in different colors or with/without particle effects, just because you want "more creativity"? That's nothing worth a discussion, that's a selfish demand without anyone but yourself in mind. Probably that's why you ignore all arguments here, because you don't want to hear them, you just want your demands. It's actually easier than searching by looking at the icons or using the preview. lmao.. Ironically only a single set of your listed "dublicates" can be found in tp. Your "argument" is non existent. They are contradicting Except that you don't explain anything. You make claims and I explained that your claims were wrong. I should be more clear. If you can't see that, you can't be helped. Better? "Claims" is the better word, right? English is not my native language. Sorry for confusions. What I meant was, you look at similar skins, see that they are similar and think that it's uncreative. But you think about why they were designed similar. In my second posts I tried to explain you that most of these sets are similar on purpose and not because of uncreativity, but because of certain reasons. Many players want weapons with different colors and/or with/without particle effects. That's one of the reasons, that's why I (and other users) mentioned it several times. And all in all, we get completely new and unique weapon sets very frequently, so even with similar sets, there is absolutely no lack of creativity or orginality. For festival weapons I would even say it's a lack of time/money.
  8. That logic requires that the leechers know if the event they join will fail or not. But obviously they don't know and no event fails because of a few afk players. They will join maps, even if the event has a lower chance to succeed, simply because it's free. If you want to keep leechers away that way, events would need to be more difficult than raids, even than raid cm's, because even Dhuum CM can be done with leechers (-> ppl sell them). And with that it's again the same as mentioned all the way long -> you would punish tons of active players, just to hit a few leechers. You say it yourself, leechers are no issue. So why bother at all? "I'm soo much better than you, so you are useless, you are leeching" Dude, that is toxic af and absolutely against all what a casual friendly, player friendly game want's to be. I already said it before, if you want content that requires certain gear/builds and a certain level of skills, you have raids and fractals. Open world is not this kind of content. You should accept that. Which doesn't make it any better. It can, but not everything can be declared as toxic, lol... But hey, feel free to explain how it is "toxic" to keep a gamemode that is open for all kind of players and all kind of skill level - to give every player the freedom to play as they want - as it is an not turn it into another challenging gamemode the game already have multiple from. Your turn.
  9. But they do get loot. And if they don't, they will next time. Are you on NA servers? Because on EU Tequatl get done successful at 4am. And there are afk players. Have you player Triple Trouble in pre HoT days? I ran that even daily with a community for years, starting in pre HoT days when even well organized maps had a high chance to fail. The organization was literally as you said. The whole community jumped on the map several times to force up a new and empty map, then started taxiing all players to that map. After that there were three results map-wise. 1.) All players came to the new map and the remaining free slots were filled by random players -> including afk people. 2.) There were too many players for one map -> the map is filled with (almost) ony community players, but there were many that couldn't do the event, because of the full map. 3.) There were so many players, that the community organized two maps at the same time. Both maps ended up with less community players than 1. and more random players -> more afk people. It ended either with random/afk people on the map or with community people getting excluded. That was actually one of the first and most important arguments here, yes... Leaving the players the freedom of what build they play and what gear they use is one of the most important aspects of the open world. Calling a player a leecher, because he doesn't use the most optimal gear, ist just toxic AF. Such stupid elitism is common for fractals and raids, but for open world? That's new.... dude....
  10. It's interesting how simply bringing up counter arguments makes you think I'm working for Anet or being "overly defensive". If I was, how overly offensive you must be.. Yes, you responded to my request and I showed you that none of your examples shows any "lack of creativity and orginality", which you claimed in your original post. I showed you that (almost) all of them were design choices with reasons. That's not being "overly defensive", that's explaining you where you are wrong. If you can't see that, I can't help you, sorry. You still ignore all design choices, you blindly look at the skins, see that two are similar and think "Thats uncrative!!!!!". If you don't accept any explanation and ignore all arguments, why did you even start a discussion? Then use the searchbar?... wth?... Your statements here are contradictory, did you even recognize that?..
  11. You completely ignored all important points, congratulation... Eh... you proved nothing. I showed that it just would punish tons of active players, but you ignored that too...
  12. They do at Triple Trouble, they did at Tequatl when he got powered up and yes they caused some fail maps at Tequatl. The problem at your logic is -> they don't care, they are afk. It failed? Okay, so they come back next time and go afk. No matter how often an event fails, every time it succeeds, it's free loot for them. While they loose nothing, if it's fails, because they are afk anyways. Before arguing, you should think of why people go afk and how they benefit from it. Otherwise (like now) you come up with a bunch of false/unthought points and others have to explain you the basic circumstances.
  13. Which is absolutely a style choice and has nothing to do with the "lack of creativity". It absolutely makes sense to give all ascended weapons a similar style, because a) their similarity (same weapon, different stats) and b) to not force players to craft a weapon just for the skin. Both are sets from release 2012. I don't see any relation to current circumstances. And since release they did release tons of different weapon sets. So again, no argument for you "lack of creativity" statement. Nope, can't find any red Glyphic weapons, also the wiki doesn't mention any similar sets. There is an Inquest set, bit it's totally different from the glyphic one. Aside from that, like above, both sets are from release 2012. I Already mentioned festival weapons, SAB weapons are part of that. Funnily you choosed the glitched set as an example, the one that is most different from all other sets. Again, I already mentioned that set. Please read properly... That's right. One point for you (yay). You mean the set that was designed to have a simple and a upgraded version? 😉 Sorry, but that's actually a good design choice with all players in mind -> those who prefer simple skins and those who prefer shiny stuff and particle effects. The volcanic one can be discussed, but don't forget that they are in line with the story. A few where only one set actually could be called as "uninspired copy". And many players do. This game hase different classes bound to different color themes, it's not a bad thing to have weapons in more than one color. The "trend" that started 2012 with release, right? Because most of your examples were made years ago, some even came into the game with release 2012. Not at all. It's actually a common problem that players like a skin, but don't use it, because the color doesn't fit their class or armor. Similar with particle effects. Many players like simple weapons and don't want much bling bling. Upgradable weapon sets like the Boreal one is perfect to bring several versions of a weapon/set into the game, without taking too much space from the "new rewards". All in all you should consider that creativity isn't everything. In a game there are way more factors for creating stuff. The players are a big point for example. You can be as creative as you want; if you don't have the players in mind, they won't like/use your stuff. Without the players needs in mind, it's a shot in the dark if your weapon (or whatever) get liked or hated. Keep in mind, you don't have to like all skins, but Anet have to make sure that each player like at least some skins. If you don't like a weapon or a variation, you are always free to skip it. Nobody forces you to get all of them.
  14. We already got that marionette example, scroll up -> people needed to actively jump to their maps, that's why afk people rarely were on organized maps (they mostly were full again right after the event was done). And unorganized maps were doomed to fail anyway, no matter how many leechers were there. And Tequatls... yeah on the one hand it was the same -> less afk players on organized maps, because it needed to be active (well, active clicking). And on the other hand... even organized maps failed in like 50% of the cases, even more for the first few weeks. So you example is pretty bad, in both cases leechers had nothing to do with a map failing of being successful at all. Because you were busy doing the event actively. Leechers were always there, and not significantly less than nowadays. It won't reduce anything. It will cause more maps to fail and that topic already were discussed above too, scoll up. It's the same as the other user said -> you would punish a whole map of people, just to hit a few leechers. I'm not interested in repeating half of the thread, like I said, scroll up for that topic. It's the same kind of argument than above, you want to punish dozens of players, just to hit a few leechers. Not every player is a good as fractal CM or raid players and most of them don't even want to be. They won't dodge every attack and will die every now and then. That's why they do open world stuff and not fractals, raids etc., because open world allows them to play how they want. Turning a casual friendly game mode into a challenging environment, is the stupiest solution you can have. Because the best thing ist -> it won't keep any afk players from leeching at all. They search a safe spot, hit what's required and grab their loot. But hey, congratulation you punished like 70% of the playerbase and reached nothing. 😉
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