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  1. Mighty Teapot's summary and speculation are very well balanced. Give it a watch. It's obvious that Anet had to change direction mid season.
  2. If you use uBlock Origin, this works perfectly: Added the following lines to "My filters" at UO settings page: ! 2021-05-01 https://en-forum.guildwars2.com en-forum.guildwars2.com##.twitter-timeline-rendered.twitter-timeline en-forum.guildwars2.com##.ipsLayout_sidebarright
  3. I had this issue over a year ago and discovered after some sleuthing that my son was running enough extra stuff to saturate the UP-channel of our internet connection. The symptom was severe lag every 3-10 seconds for about 1 second or more. Turning off Facebook running passively was the biggest relief on the overload. Naturally, he took offense but we learned to negotiate the connection load. Voice chat is also an UP-channel hog so watch for correlations. Another incident giving nearly the same symptoms was caused by the aging and incorrectly terminated copper lines between our
  4. A small question: How old is your Hard Drive or SSD. Drive failures come on slowly like this. Symptoms like this ( data loss on drive ) will cause repeated repair issues eventually causing more NOTICEABLE failures. For spinning drives 2 or 3 years is close to life expectancy. Some early SSDs had retention issues too.
  5. If they join the game as recommended above as F2P they will be able to unlock all of the seasons that will be re-released in the next weeks. Then when(if) they buy an account package they can go to that extended content and it will be unlocked. All they have to do is make an F2P account and log in once during the package week. Be advised, as F2P, they can't WvW until they reach game level 60.
  6. Use of the term 'toxicity' without any descriptions is part of the problem. Shouting TOXIC breeds toxicity.
  7. I think this is a bit of hyperbole since other than griefing groups in LFG, people can't do anything to you where you'd be worried to come back to the game. However, Anet WILL act against threats of violence in the chat window.
  8. I was hoping Jeweler 500 might offer weapon or armor effect infusions.
  9. They started giving away so much gear that there is no longer much demand to craft anything but Ascended food and Account Bound Ascended gear. We used to be forced to craft Exotic to get the stat seals that were locked behind HoT and PoF expansions. Now the restrictions have been reduced and since everyone beyond the core-only game has access to HoT and PoF seals via stat selectable gear, there is little reason to visit those maps and craft the coveted items.
  10. This game has no need of HIGH FPS. The action is not that fast. Having a high FPS seems to be mostly a bragging point these days because the latest wave of video cards are absurdly priced.
  11. The tools themselves were never made obsolete. Perhaps some consider those glyphs of low value. Just go to the TP and buy glyphs to replace the ones you don't like. It's far cheaper than burning keys on chests.
  12. The gen2 precursor build felt more like a lengthy ( legendary ) quest than a grind. I built most of the gen 1 while waiting for PoF. They were filler content to me and as such I was glad for them. Not everything in gw2 is a week-long grind. It's designed to keep people moving between maps and engaged with the game. It had the side-effect of helping newbie players find experienced people in the early, low-population maps.
  13. Overly optimistic promises are common in the software industry. In this case, it's evident Anet had the run of the roost until NCsoft deemed that they were abusing the freedom they'd been given. After that, year by year, drastic management and staffing level changes were made. It's sad that NCsoft seemed to throttle IBS to support EoD. I hope it pays off. If EoD is also thin and poorly received, gw2 will certainly suffer. I really hope this is not the case. EoD has the potential to bring back customers to enjoy the foundation game, plus wow them with fresh content.
  14. Starting with Gen 2, you can't just spend cash.
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