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  1. Still having troubles with Trading Post. It's been going on for 12 hours now. It was only sporadic for the last few days.
  2. Techinically it's all DLC .. but they gave SOME highlights with more info to come. Don't worry, Christmas WILL come ....
  3. They don't announce 4-winds ahead because it affects the TP so VERY heavily.
  4. As an example, Star Trek developed written/spoken Klingon from scratch. It added a lot of depth to Klingon interactions in that world. It's about adding flavor to the fantasy realm. Instead of just using slang or accents.
  5. The game started to have a compendium in the early days and seemed to have been abandoned. Would be nice to see a monster compendium too ..
  6. I saw the WP video showing the screens. How can we see them in game?
  7. Today I realized there are fewer steps with installing Windows 7 from scratch than with equipping Leg long bow and reequipping Leg Short bow. So, I no longer swap to Leg LB for situational fun.
  8. It DOES seem like a way to push us to use equipment templates. I'm also going extra Ascended pieces.
  9. Demand only affects the people who WON'T read or understand the graphs. I also store my gold in BuyOrder in the TP, I just use globs since I can take out smaller increments.
  10. I have no interest if Joe Blow posted in my topic just now.
  11. EACH time you swap a legendary, you have to replace the sigil and infusions. EDIT: AND skins ( seems like ascended is better QoL now ) I would have OPTED-OUT !!
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