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  1. So we get this useless pos but not playerhousing like most of us wanted? what a waste of time an resourses!
  2. he saying can you hoslter the gunsaber while its equiped
  3. you joking right i can give you lot of exampe where anet have screwed up lws1?
  4. its anet fault for putting there game in this state, did you play the end of the ibs? yeah im not gonna say anymore
  5. I am going to resever my judgement till i play in the beta, but from what i see how is healing a single target viable? so i have to either focus on the ui, or click my teamates who are going to be boncing all over the map while i have to also be bouncing around all over the place. The dev even said it themselfs they know how limiting this is in the game they made? So, how will this work? and explain to me how its not hot garbage?
  6. No, the worst part is you basiclly have to do the same step muliplie time. you got to do the jumping puzzle in emerbay just to unlock the collection to the trinket just do have to re do it again to complete it. WTF?! you have to re do the same objective several times to complete it? wtf anet did you just give up?
  7. It's a gun-SABER. >.> <.< See totally different.
  8. Not turn off the compass, not turn off the objective, just turn off the personal story star? I am sick to death of seeing it on all my alts and the only u.i option i have turns off the objective as well. SO, anyone know how to turn this thing off?
  9. The issue I have is people keep saying " they dont wanna release all the details right now they need to save some for later so they can build hype." well idiots you need to release all the details now and than go into details later. Like annonence player housing than go into detail later about how it works. You give players stuff to speculate over which helps build hype when you get around to discussion it. You guys keep thinking there is more to reveal, no there isnt. this is it.
  10. So my armor glows the aura i want above water but the second i go underwater it turns white, anyone else experience this and know a fix because it super annoying.
  11. Why? she was basically a kittening idiot. Did you see how she died? she spit into her brothers mouth and exploded! what was there to miss?
  12. How dare you! you should check your privilege ! go by a gem store skin and stop complaining about that amazing patch that concluded a 10 year ark! i bet you prefer anet didnt do anything at all! ungreatful!
  13. No! he Dead! Accept it! he got his mouth spit in by his sister and they both blew up!
  14. You should check your privilege! you should be thankful you even got any content! go buy a new gem store skin and stop complaining about that well crafted final patch! it was breath taking and a real example on how you properly conclude a 10 year story ark!
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