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  1. Happened to me too, got a good laugh out of it. Anet I think you all may of started April fools a few days early 😉 Thank you all for the laughs today.
  2. Where? The vender is not giving me the option to down grade to desert only to the base/HoT heroic.
  3. I can buy the scrolls for PoF, but what I need is the Testimony of Desert Heroics, not the scrolls. I can't seem to find a way to turn the Jade Heroics into the Testimony of Desert Heroics.
  4. I see that we can buy the HoT Heroics with the EoD Heroics, but currently I see no way of buying any of the PoF Desert Heroics, can't even purchase any of the items with using the Jade Heroics. Is this a bug or oversight? Am I missing a vender somewhere that I have not found?
  5. When a Tornado appears while you are standing outside, you don't just stay standing around. You run for Cover. The creatures, Krait and quaggans simply ran at a large powerful source emerging. So not really a ret con since we knew nothing solid about DSD in any case only very vague secondhand accounts.
  6. Plus thought it wasn't the whole warband, just one.
  7. Klaw Island= a big yes(let a guild stand in defense of LA, the island itself and new structures could look like the old LA making players happy) Kryta = Lets go with Kessex hills the Wizards Tower. Shiverpeaks = Lets go with outside of Eye of the North, in the surrounding area somewhere. Orr = I would say go with the very south point of the area that has no current map Ascalon= I say go below the Plains of Ashford map and to the left of Feild of Ruin, to a unused portion of the world map. Tarnished Coast= Between Rata sum and the Grove. large unused portion of map there. Lastly
  8. Windswept has enough water for fishing, just not deep enough for the skiffs,
  9. Dont forget Traherne was able to summon 6 flesh golems during personal story. Cannach seems to be a Mix of Warrior and Engi. As for some of the other subjects touched already. The illusions on the bodies in Joko's fort where done by a artifact. So even if Joko is not a Mesmer he does have access to artifacts that have or are blessed by Mesmer magic. mesmers have barrier like abilities with focus and shields, So Queen Jenna making one is not that much of a stretch as we still are not fully sure how strong she really is. She did trick dragon minions with a clone of Kralk. Lore wis
  10. AN this is why we were given outfits. Simple solution and easier on the devs.
  11. Pretty much this, The devs explained a few times the different armor weights are cut and rigged differently .
  12. The Dwarfs are stoned out of their minds. Some are laying around broken but alive still.
  13. Like the overall look and design of the Turtle. Came across a few things while playing around with it. Here are my thoughts an concerns. 1) When Turtle dies from fall damage the pilot will survive but the passenger dies. Not sure if a bug or intentional. 2) Control seems a lil clonky, but that may be due to lack of masteries or what not. The chunky boy likes to drift when turning. 3)Would prefer different thrust animations for under water. Like bubble jets or something. 4) The ability for Driver and gunner to swap seats without having to resummon the Turtle. WvW concerns for th
  14. As long as they pay with in game currency it is allowed, Anet only frowns upon any Real currency trading .
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