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  1. Been running a condi build with viper armor and torment runes but didnt like it much. Felt quite ineffective tbh. But condi has never been my thing. Now Im on a power build instead, just good old marauder and scholar runes. Works better but still lacking.
  2. Quite underwhelming in WvW. Do good damage with trailblazer/dire armor and in a small fights pretty fun to play. But lacks mobility and stability because the elixirs punish you with hp loss. Full shroud takes a whopping 10K hp. It's like a playing a condi thief with a limp and no stealth .
  3. I use a Razer Naga mouse for those extra buttons. Just because Im used to it, think Im on my 3rd or 4th now. And a mechanical keyboard, I find those buttons easier to hit correctly in the heat of the moment.
  4. Wait a sec while I laugh. *Ha ha ha ha* No, just no.
  5. I'd cast my vote on a Immobile event. All skills on all professions cast Grasping Vines.
  6. Solution: Leave the camp alone and actually go kill someone. Agreed. This is a non issue.
  7. Nothing wrong with Spinal Shivers. A good opener against anyone who rely heavily on boons. Especially the almost unkillable eles. I say often because it's easy to avoid if you are alert. Not very efficient against players in a squad/group either, but in a skill-chain works as a spike against yoloers and roamers with no blink.
  8. Yepp. An idea based on the state of WvW several years ago, implemented way to too late. And now over to the fanbois...😋
  9. Or like barely covering the groin, and not moving with the player.
  10. Let's not kid ourselves here. This isn't about improving WvW for the players, it's a business decision. "How many hours can we really put into WvW and it's balance, versus how much do we gain from it in terms of revenue". So the plan is to have this easy to manage system where they can just use the players that don't choose an alliance to fill up and balance with them. The only reason they are so hell-bent on implementing Alliances now: Less work. An old irrelevant idea, dressed up and sold to a vocal minority of players that doesn't even realize that they aren't in majority anymor
  11. Add a knorr stock pot and this is basically a recipe for a potato dish.
  12. Adding -dx11 to the shortcut as suggested above worked for me last night.
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