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  1. regardless if OP has a point or not, people REALLY think that " i had no issue why did you/ you hate it, stop doing it" is going to solve anything when its merely platitudes wrapped around mere personal anecdotes. " you do not need it" yes people actually DO need it to avoid buying more templates, inventory bag space or use a full character slot or buy one. heck t he fact NOBODY will ever buy an amulet ever again with the return to living world rewards soon means tons of gold and inventory space saved already.
  2. boots stop using your third account. your naming conventions is generic as heck. but in seriousness they are not as bad if you actually read up on things correctly. virtuoso is NOPT just music but also fine arts. creating blades that stick around and are sharp as heck can be considered a FINE ART in mesmering. "but it should be bard because blade song utilities" sword singing has nothing to do with music either. its enhancing sword skill and attacks with spells. blade sworn. he is sworn to the way of the blade. its pretty stereotypical thing for east asia. vindicator: yo
  3. captain's log, star date 2021.10.21 the shield still clips. no sign of hope for the asuran race. they most likely have to evolve into an one armed species.
  4. but it CAN disrupt the flow that people have developed over 8 years. it does with mine.
  5. wow that was quick: while you are here....when are you looking into shields cutting into asuran arms? also hey rubi. happy spooky month
  6. Several animations for appearing Platforms do not load properly, stop mid animation or load seemingly to early. the beginning circle platforms stop mid animation throwing of even seasoned tower jumpers. the finish line seems also not to line up with the portal to the reward room. Despite visually being intimate with the whole that indicates the portal too the reward chest i have just slipped down and NOT finished the round with a reward. Halfway the Leap of Fatih section also seems to have some animation collision issue as with the given sound signal a jumper is supposed to land on the
  7. ît DOES also effect the aegis effect, probably as it is essentially an extra shield on your arm. that effect cuts into asuran arms as well
  8. and even with the beta test AND 2 additional bug fix update STILL no fix for the misplaced shield on asura
  9. its almost 3 months now that THIS https://ibb.co/FWZJH0v clippin has been in game for no apparently reason and NO fix has been even mentioned by anyone. Im pretty surre this can be fixed with a simple correction of values that place weapons on a character and do not need to be vast effort.
  10. and even with a HUGE festival updates that fixed a few issue that have arrived in the last few days, shields STILL cut into asuran arms.
  11. so 9 people did try the new specs???? try no new specs at all
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