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  1. "its not fun to play against retaliation" I bet you forgot that in iron marches you put up a veteran mordrem wolf that has permanent self generating boss ability retaliation that is probably NOT effected by the mere swap to resolution to the player accessible one? cause that the only time to not have fun against retaliation when you play a class that has no boon rip
  2. its good to see you are consistent because you once again neglected to actually read what I wrote. any point you made here again would be clarified if you actually did. that's strike 2, I'll give you one more try if you then still have not bothered to read what I said then I with clear consciousness entirely disregard anything you post from here on out. but lets just bash your points directly. "this is just a fantasy story" is not an excuse what so ever for lazy and or shitty writing. It's the same line of reasoning when someone claims anything for children can be as mind numb
  3. I'm sorry but salvage what exactly? That a fictional character in a computer game did not do as you wanted? That's like yelling at a movie or tv show when a character does something you don't like. Also, Taimi is an asura. If anything, I'd say she's holding back, trying hard not to insult the intellectually inferior bookahs too much. Her major character traits are that she is naive and gets too excited when doing science, but nobody is perfect and I think these flaws fit her quite nicely. I'm happy that you skipped the initial post and make rhetoric generalizations to not argue the points I ma
  4. Well that goes with the PUNK in the name, its purposely mismatched and out of the ordinary. and on technological standpoint steampunk however does make sense to be present. steam powered machinery has even existed as so far proven by archeology already to the times of library of Alexandria and various ancient greek states through out the Mediterranean sea, the only limit ware amount of materials to make it a common sight in those timeperiods. But back to topic.I can not see how anet is gonna salvage this if they even care this point. I really wish they'd do, but i dunno HOW. I want to hear t
  5. Cyberpunk i've seen requested a bit.. but I agree that is something I never want to see in Gw2.I don't know what people see in all these various punk styles but I find them visually repugnant and ugly.That is just a personal opinion not an attack on anyone who does like those styles so any "offenses" taken there are not on me lolfunny enough we already HAVE steam punk in gw2 already. as unbelievable it may look but the entire charr tech is steam based, check the wiki it states it there. that goes of course into the pact tech as well and sub sequentially the aether blades. I dunno if the clo
  6. I have seen a lot of mention of prior blunders of taimi and this were i usually stepped in the past and found the benefit of doubt. usually in the form of people expecting her to act a certain way because of announcements and or leaks that happened outside the games story in many cases. This probably a general issue with GW2 writing is that it's either announced a had of time OR very save and predictable. Like look at ANY speculation of wooden potatoes which go deep in the lore or fill the world with depth and interesting twists and then 2 weeks later it turns out to be not that. (seriously yo
  7. break bar damage is calculated differently then actual dmg. if something has a huge break bar damage it just a very high cc thing a majig. there are even traits that increase break bar damage without increasing actual damage. i guess the cannons are just using a 1200 untis launch CC
  8. btw can someone explain to me what krait have to do with tengu? as far as i can look it up unless they say krait and naga ( guild wars factions) are essentially the same i have no idea where this connection comes from
  9. an further more if it was only ONE weapons set that this expensive I think people would be less up in arms about it.the fact they have dumbed so many weapon set in these few episodes alone in which ONE already requires the entire sage time to actually be completed is down right insane. not to mention they all need the same stupidly low drop rate draconic Lodstone.you can craft them? well only if i get 2 Lodstones through drops first allowing me to craft boreal weapons so i can get the achievement award.Buy them? well then you just agree what people said in critic about the dragon slayer and
  10. what materials? only the ingots? where are the masses of algemated dragon Iod stone that i need to dumb apparently. nowhere.the majority of people do not need a material dumb at all.
  11. Nothing story wise that was released on the 9th was truly a surprise:Tengu shot of so hard they literally do not know what's going on outside their walls? typical retroactive excuse fro when ever tengu should have at least reacted in the pastJormag not understanding what they are doing is bad? OH GEE a immortal ice being that used PRESERVE in reference to saving a world, WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK (certainly not lore theorists.Brahm going primordus champ? well it was plastered all over the place so not really a surprise. The only true surprise was canach's appearance aiding us in one DRM and of cour
  12. A-net...don't. You do NOT hype him up over 10 years like thanos in the MCU and then kill him off unceremoniously in the canceled "Iron fist" tv show that nobody watched.Just don't.
  13. Maybe thats why we are playing this game and not that one. I repeat. MMO =/= 10 man instanced dungeons. It means a bunch of players online together at the same time. actually that is exactly what MMOs are. an MASSIVE MULTI O with only solo content....? No it is not. MMOS = a massive amount of players online at the same time, as one can find in Open World, or in WVW, that is okay and fine i love it. What i do not and have never enjoyed is being forced to have other players in my characters story in any game. I did all of GWs story solo, ive done all of this ones solo this was the first one w
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