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  1. Floaty part still bugged. I'm at 37/38 achievements for A Star to Guide Us, I guess I could go find all the Jahai Coins instead but really...broken for a week? Come on ANet. I have a Skyscale, but not a Griffon. I got fairly close, but not close enough for the achievement with Skyscale, its too slow. I feel especially bad for anyone trying to do this to progress their story.
  2. Pongmei Valley existed between old Kaineng City and both the Jade Sea and Echovald forest. That said, it could have been built up between the time of GW: Factions and when Zhaitan rose. It wasn't that much land.
  3. Yeah, if executed right, there's nothing wrong with 1-2 years story arcs. To your point about GW1 stories being fondly remembered, recall that each campaign was the equivalent of a whole new continent, campaign, new playable classes, etc. on a fairly quick development and release cadence. Contrast that with expansions having 4-5 maps in GW2 and often what feels like a story that starts rushing towards its conclusion at the end. Its two different worlds. Whole new standalone campaigns every 6 months or so was unsustainable for GW1 and one of the reasons they made GW2, and what they've been doing with Living World and expansions hasn't been sustainable really either. So I just hope they figure out something that works. GW2 has largely felt like a decade long experiment with a lot of good and bad. Willing to see what this new cycle brings to the table.
  4. I want to see more of old Kaineng/Drowned Kaineng. The area around Sunjiang District doesn't look particularly flooded. Would be interesting to see some of the old city still in-tact. The Undercity could totally be a fully underwater map at this point.
  5. Sunjiang District also seems relatively unscathed.
  6. This may be a broader answer than you are looking for, but I think it was a mistake to go the route of multiple playable races coming from GW1. Sure you got more options, but has anyone really been satisfied with the world-building? If anything exploring the cultures, fitting such matters into the story in a satisfying way, etc. all felt shallow because how do you fit so many races into one story. It was a mistake. Quantity does not equal quality. Mechanically I get why they went this route, but I find the whole era of Charr and Humans being "friends" because "dragons" as wholly unrealistic and lame. And as a human character, not being able to branch your personality and story options based on how you feel on a conflict like this one (as one example) is just another way in which I think the potential depth of a real personal story is just lost. Continuing with this example, the timeline of when the treaty was signed was recent to the game year in which GW2 launched/Personal story, yet everyone acts like its kumbaya best of friends, whereas they could have built up a more satisfying path towards enemies becoming friends in the story had they been able to explore such things. Instead we get a few missions in Field of Ruin and mostly fodder enemies in same map.
  7. They claimed it was a Naga swamp. It's clearly city.
  8. Rev was just added in order for there to be parity in number of heavy armor class professions with light and medium which had 3 each while heavy only had 2, pre HOT. I do think there could be room for a new profession as I wonder how many more elite specs they could add to the current ones. Maybe its time to say ok the existing profs got their 3 elites, time for some brand new professions.
  9. Sure most of the city by the time we got to it was a sprawling slum. But even explorable areas like Wajjun Bazaar had the types of buildings Konig linked to spanning up and down its coastal area from The Marketplace, all the way down to the Nahpui Quarter. Anyway, could be me extrapolating too much from artistic styling on the map art, but the area that would have been Sunjiang District doesn't really look flooded to me. Would love to see some of the old city in its still standing, but most likely abandoned state. The area of Old Kaineng in the corner of New Kaineng just really does not at all jive with how Kaineng was in my opinion. Would love to see the proper slummy parts even if abandoned and falling apart.
  10. I've been trying to do the Return To achievements before I head into End of Dragons. On each run, we've had a good group doing it, but the middle Corsair ship is bugged everytime, where the only way to attack it is to either shoot it via range from the docks, or get on a skiff and shoot it because the cannons are bugged with it and do not work. Even using the proper cannons for the middle ship, it shows as "out of range". As a result, much more time is spent on this step of the meta than should be and by the time you get to Archon Iberu, there's maybe at best 5 minutes left to kill him if even. We got close once, but it just is not enough time to defeat him with the bugged ships. Maybe some got lucky, but so far its been a lot of failures even with great groups doing the meta. I'll go ahead and submit a bug report, but wondering if anyone else is aware of this? EDIT: Bug report submitted.
  11. As a DH, this is extremely helpful, thank you! I'm not used to playing FB, but I'll give that a shot!
  12. Yep, like I said, just been working on each episodes mastery while I was at it. Looks like One Path Ends need 36 achievements. I think I am at 25. Will have to look tonight.
  13. I seem to be at a loss. I've been working through the Return To stuff before going over to EOD. That has included doing achievements and full completes of each episode. But I am a bit stuck with this one. How does one get the Fearless achievement when fighting the Manifestation of Self-Doubt? I've tried so many times and can't seem to get the hang of how this works given my skills recharge goes way up to the point of absurdity where you can't even auto attack. Heals get to be too long, and there are periods where I seem to do 0 damage. I seem to be missing something here. Also, does anyone have any tips for doing the Henge of Denravi part for 5 minutes? Highest I seem to get is around 3 when I get one hit killed by something, not really sure what.
  14. Most of Season 1 was some metas with some flavor text "story" built in. It's fine. Just watch a video. Aside from the Battle of Lion's Arch which was a legitimately fun part of the season, never to be repayable again, most of what people remember about that season were the metas, NOT the story. Yeah it introduced some characters, but you never really got invested with them during that season either. What's funny is that at the time, people HATED the story and the villain.
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