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  1. I would be very surprised if that isn't a function of some forums for forum admins.
  2. Personally I found dragons to be an awful idea. Dragons have dragged on too long that I am glad this will be End of Dragons. If I had to choose a favorite, probably Mordremoth and then Krakatorrik. I really liked Jormag's introduction in IBS announcement, but we all know how that turned out...
  3. Wat? Anyway, Celestial has always been a jack of all trades master of none. For something as general as a level-80 boost and equipment that needs to cater to any possibility, Celestial makes sense. No it won't be king, but as per their language...it will be serviceable to a wide range of builds before they can get better targeted stat equipment.
  4. Technically speaking the peace treaty between the Humans and Charr only happened very recently to the time period the core game/Personal story starts in. Lore wise, its focused around the Dragon threats, yes, but I think a lot of it boils down to abra-cadabra new playable race for GW2 vs GW1 and we can't have the 5 playable races warring each other now can we. Listen, Charr...you don't get to be a country no more on account of you keep attacking.....THE WORLD.
  5. I am also not on the cesspool that is Twitter, never have been. I don't really feel like I am missing news. Blog posts, youtube videos (from ANET or other content creators like WP), forums, etc. are all pretty well covered.
  6. You see one Tengu NPC in a video and take it to be some sort of taunt about making a new playable race? Yeah ok...
  7. I'll buy it, but not sure when. I generally don't pre-order games, but for an MMO, maybe I will after the 1st of the year.
  8. I can see this side of the argument, but it does really blur the lines between Legendaries as an aesthetic vs the Black Lion weapons which in many ways cheapens these Legendaries. Personally I think it's a bad way to go. Legendaries as a unique skin make sense.
  9. The Wilds area of GW1 is north of The Silverwastes and possibly extends into the raid maps north of Verdant Brink. Dry Top doesn't even correspond to where it is in the GW1 map. The map in GW1 for Dry Top is where the roundish looking mesa/plateau is on the map south of the western portion of Dry Top. What we got in GW2 more corresponds to where Ettin's Back was.
  10. Yeah don't have a problem with their relationship at all, but my god when we went back to season 2 that dialogue was sooo bad.
  11. "New" Kaineng City sounds very interesting. I wonder if that means they tore down the slums and rebuilt.
  12. I hope not. Would rather see populated city areas in Kaineng.
  13. They should just fix how you unlock masteries once you hit level 80. That's a tremendously big oversight on their part.
  14. You do realize that GW1 stopped getting any active development when GW2 came out right? So that's really an odd thing to say. Anyway, my opinion is that if people are that hung up on graphics (honestly they are fine), they are just robbing themselves of a rich gaming experience that was pretty unique and in my opinion not really replicated since, to my knowledge.
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