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  1. broken for me as well - just adding this to say it is not just an isolated problem with one or two people.
  2. not enabled - and unlikely that both myself and friend would experience internet lag individually on our end at the same time - so - an arenanet issue somehow. Also, a lot of people needing revived are standing up. Lots of little bugs like this since last update. How to fix....
  3. both myself and a friend are experiencing about a one second full stop in gameplay quite frequently. Happened after latest patch. Happens with newer lower lvl chars as well as lvl 80. Is there some fix for this or is it just a bug?
  4. So my lvl 80 ranger with some pretty tough pets does ok, but only at ranged. Pocket raptors and mushroom things and mordrem kill me pretty quick. I'm assuming i must need better armor but am looking for some advice as to how to survive melee when i can't find a high place to attack from while my pet deals with the melee.
  5. oh - ok! Thanks! Am assuming it's useful or people wouldn't have it.
  6. I see some players running around and wherever they step a small puddle looking thing appears leaving a trail of puddles - what is that?
  7. yeah - been doing that, but it takes a few seconds and by then i'm usually tarred and feathered - lol. Thanks for the response.
  8. seems like almost every time i use a mount for any length of time, when i am unmounted by an attack or unmount deliberately my pet is stowed. Is there a way to make this stop happening? is there an unstow hotkey i can program or is there an existing one? Bad when i have been dismounted and am the only target.
  9. Unlocking masteries is accomplished how, please?
  10. All helpful in some obscure way I'm sure - however, as i have no mastery points to assign to anything - not overly helpful with regard to eliminating aforementioned nag message. So - can that msg be eliminated somehow or do I just live with it popping up after each kill?
  11. I just made lvl 80 and am seeing "your current ability is fully trained and ready to master" message after every kill. I'd like to either know what to do with that (clicking it takes me to an area where I need more mastery points for everything) or how to make it go away.
  12. Is there a way to disable what a character randomly says? For instance, my char character saying "I feel...strong". Getting really tired of hearing it.
  13. Good luck with THAT! it seems that the days of actually creating something new that has been checked for bugs before releasing are past. Now WE are the quality control..because we don't get a salary and do it for free. Lucky us.
  14. Just adding to the chain - ANY character i try to play experiences game crash within the first 10 seconds after area loads.
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