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  1. Knee jerk reaction, absolutely useless responses, I've had some good advice telling me how I may find more enjoyment out of the mode by finding a clan that does WvW, grouping and not focusing so much on the rewards which is good advice. Your responses are effectively garbage.
  2. "Welcome to gaming! First time? Its a waste of money too. Just as a heads up." That is what I responded to, did you read it? I don't care what you call fun, I never asked, the point I was trying to make when responding to that statement is that gaming in general is not a waste of time or money when you invest time and money into something that is entertaining to you whatever that may be, that's why I, as stated several times by now, will try to focus more on the gameplay of WvW instead of the rewards.
  3. There is a difference between being showered with rewards and the game being rewarding, last of us is rewarding because advancing the story is the reward, Doom is rewarding because you constantly get upgrades and new weapons nearly every level to kill demons in more fun ways, same with deadspace, meanwhilde in WvW I put around 50 hours into it and have very little to show for it, aside from a mediocre mount that has no use outside of WvW being inferior to the raptor mount in every way. If I had to put a number on the amount of hours I had fun as opposed to the hours that I played WvW the
  4. Investing in entertainment and "wasting time" are not the same thing, I played the last of us, it was not a waste of time because I enjoyed my time with it, I played dead space and I played Doom, it was not a waste of time because I had fun and the investment was worthwhile. That comment brings literally nothing to the table aside from being a response I would expect from a very young child, what I am grinding for is not important, Skynet and iamreb were the only 2 comments in this whole thing I needed to read and they have the right idea, now I wont focus on the rewards and will try to
  5. legit the first person to give good advice instead of telling me "leave or deal with it", thanks
  6. What the kitten are you talking about? snowflake? dude I grew up in a town where you would get beat up for daring to go to school the day the townsfolk were on strike which was a couple of times a month, I have thicker skin than you will ever have and it turns out I don't like to waste time, WvW feels like a waste of time, why do you think pip farming is a thing? just because you and other players have a high tolerance for wasting time doesn't mean it is not wasting time, the one thing you did say that makes a lot of sense and I will focus more on is the bit about playing when I can a
  7. It feels like I am being severely punished when playing WvW for being new, at first, it was kinda fun, I made it my goal to get a keep fully upgraded after capturing it with a random group when they left and I was left outnumbered and it felt rewarding after I spent the whole night doing that and managed to get it upgraded, but after that stuff started going downhill, and it was after I checked the rewards for playing the mode. I was getting around 5 pips each tick during my first week and then 6 the next one and it felt like I would have to force myself to play for several hours a day to
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