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  1. Absolute clown meta. Scourge 49k, Spectre 46k and Chaos Virt 43k. None of these builds should do above 35k.
  2. While DPS Scourge will be the main villain of this balance patch (feat. Herald), it's really only the manifestation of ANet failing to apply the necessary ranged DPS tax to ranged builds. Build's like Scourge, Condi Virt and Rifle Deadeye should be doing roughly one fourth less DPS than their melee counterparts. In a meta with standardized 40-43k DPS builds, builds with ranged DPS uptime should be sitting around 29-31k.
  3. The whole training wheels rationalization for Heal Scourge was utterly unhinged nonsense at best. The build was at it's core, the strongest build in the entire game for what it brought. To claim it was only good as training wheels is deranged. Heal Scourge during it's existence saw plenty of use during new squad content progression and raid races. It became a mainstay in many experienced groups because bruteforcing encounters by invalidating entire mechanics is very enticing for players who just want their weekly raid clear. I know many groups who used a heal scourge so much that they became reliant on it in a degenerative way. I myself having led hundreds of runs often gave in to the temptation of throwing heal scourge at a problem rather than fixing it or making sure an inexperienced player learns. From ANet's perspective the build invalidated a plethora if not the majority of damage related mechanics that did not result in instant death. From a content design perspective this is incredibly limiting. Damage needs to matter in content designed to be challenging.
  4. Heal Scourge in its prior form as a downed player vacuum had to go. So kinda yeah. Heal Scourge was a crutch that shouldn't have been allowed to exist for as long as it did. The new Heal Scourge can comfortable generate party wide 25 Might, 100% Alac uptime, 100% Fury uptime, 100% Prot uptime, 100% Regen uptime, 60% Aegis uptime, has access to a lot of condi cleanse and outheals the Extreme aura on golem by a good margin. It fits into most compositions as a proper Alac Healer now. This is not even remotely true. If you weren't pressing shades off cooldown on condi dps scourge prior to the change you were absolutely dropping 100% uptime on 3 shades and by extension 5% condi duration or possibly even 10% if you were really slow on the usage. You're just punished harder for messing it up now by losing the entire 15% if you let shades drop to 0, which I support. Bad play should be punished, especially on an easy build like Scourge.
  5. Don't act like the majority of complaints are about worse cleave and not a misguided notion that APM increased.
  6. These complaints about "shade spam" are absolutely clueless. Any Necro who has complained about it should feel ashamed. Prior to the patch you dunked out 3 shades at the fight start and pressed it off cooldown when it wouldn't interrupt a higher priority skill until the end. With alac, uptime was 100% on 3 shades. Now you do the exact same thing for less shades with the same bonus. Rotionally, almost nothing changed for Condi Scourge in PvE. Making sure Nefarious Favor gets pressed off cooldown is way more important now than it was before, but that's it. But you already did press it off cd for the Dhuumfire procc so that's not really a big difference. The one legitimate complaint is that less shades means less cleave, and this in a world where Epidemic is a shadow of its former self.
  7. Remove Feed from Corruption and replace it with a trait that gives Alacrity on F-skill use or Barrier application. Revert Abrasive Grit so that it gives Might again.
  8. You can buffer jumps into most leap skills. It's just way harder to do than dodgejumping. But I know it works on Reaper Shroud 2 and Warrior Sword 2 as well.
  9. First of all. You're still thinking too much of PvP. And keep in mind that modifiers can be adjusted, focus on the suggested functionality alone. If you imagine the flow of a Reaper rotation in instanced PvE based on these changes. You could fit in Shroud 4 and GS3 + GS2 into the Ice Field from Shroud 5 only once every other cycle while upkeeping Soul Barbs. You could possibly set it up so you always come out of Shroud into Staff and use Staff 4 + Staff 5 before GS3 + GS2. So we're looking at 6-7 triggers of the reworked Chilling Nova above 50%. Probably around the same under 50% as well when you'd just do Shroud 5 > Shroud 4 > GS2 spam before the Ice Field disappears. I think the current DPS traits you take in instanced PvE should stay as they are but be replaced by DPS traits that are less valuable in PvP and in solo PvE play but overall stronger in a proper squad composition. Disassociate this from PvP, please. Assume CMC just sets these modifiers to 0.069 in PvP. The impact in instanced PvE would be bigger than you think especially when they're compounding with the other changes. Have you been reading my post history? Because yes, I'm opposed to this line of thinking. I think Elite Specializations should be specialized heavily towards a certain role. This has been my consistent opinion for years. Every specialization having the option of Condi DPS/Power DPS/Support should not be a thing because it's lazy and causes problems and wastes traits that are going to end up being useless. If we take Scourge as an example it should have always been a support specialization through and through. The traitline options should just have been a selection from Offensive Semi-Support/Healing & Barrier Support/Boon Support. The fact that Scourge benches 35k DPS disgusts me. It should be brought back to 26k and the barrier values restored to what they were. In the same way I do actually think Harbinger should not have a power DPS option. I was opposed to the upper three traits in Harbinger from the start. They should be deleted and changed to something else. I said they were either going to be garbage or overtuned to the point of being overpowered before EoD. And that's how they turned out to be. Harbinger is a mess as a whole to be honest. Elixirs and Blight are terribly designed. But that is a whole other discussion. So yeah I think Reaper should be a Power specialization. One set of traits for raw DPS that needs group support to function properly. One set of traits for self-reliance. And one set of traits for sustain and mobility.
  10. Let me preface this by saying I'm not thinking of PvP at all for these changes. The thread was about PvE Reaper. Think of instanced PvE in a vacuum for this. Nah, if it triggers on just the main combo trigger it means four triggers on Shroud 4 and one on Shroud 2. Let me rephrase it though, I worded it wrongly: Triggers on Ice Field Combo finishers with no ICD instead of its current effect. Can crit again. Yeah I think the current traits you take for Power Reaper like Soul Eater and Reaper's Onslaught should stay more open world PvE and PvP focused. Having Decimate Defenses be the go-to Instanced PvE trait would be better. It also solves the absolutely cursed crit capping issue since they changed Death Perception. Thief Runes can straight up go kitten themselves. Just kill Condi Reaper off at this point. We have Scourge and Harbinger for Condi. Let Reaper be the Power spec. And yes, I do. 1.5x is probably way, way too high. I'm godawful at math but by my estimation these changes would propel Reaper to 45k-ish, which is obviously too high. But you get the idea. The state of Reaper in instanced PvE is abysmal. And Reaper's Onslaught would still be the better trait for PvP and solo play. But it would also make Dread in Spite more attractive by proxy of having a burstier less reliable trait combo option. I mean like I said. This could all be adjusted for PvP. I think it should be a Freeze though. It always felt like it should have been. Maybe it would fit better on Chilled to the Bone though. I also think skills like Overload Earth and Infusing Terror should return to being Breakbars instead of Stability like they were in the HoT beta.
  11. Rework the Reaper traitline. Chilling Nova: Triggers on Combo finishers with no ICD instead of its current effect. Can crit again. Decimate Defenses: Now also increases the effectiveness of Vulnerability by 50% for yourself Deahtly Chill: No longer inflicts Bleeding, instead triggers a Strike damage hit every time you inflict Chill. No ICD, 1.5x modifier. Additionally Executioner's Scythe: Changed the Stun to Freeze instead.
  12. Give me back Jagged Horrors that can live indefinitely like they used to. I want my horde of 30 rats back
  13. Buff the all of other Conjures and add a Heal skill Conjure. Ele meta build in all game modes should be 5 conjures.
  14. I have some very bad memories from HoT of the double Staff Daredevil build that could spam Vault and Bound and I could barely tell them apart. Those 20k Vaults were nasty.
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