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  1. This is why I avoid all metas and most fights in this game. Even with "Best Performance" I find it a pain at times to see stuff because of all the visual noise this game throws at you. GW2 is not the only one of course who does this. There are too many games that think increased visual noise is good because it adds "challenge" when in reality it just kills people because they can't see stuff coming at them.
  2. There is more to the game than that for me, but that is a discussion for well not here. lolz I am glad you enjoy GW2 a lot though.
  3. Meanwhile I am subbed to FF14 365 days a year because I prefer it's casual content and balance more over GW2. Not saying GW2 is bad, but I only visit the game like 2 times a week.
  4. If I am to answer honestly, I won't enjoy any of them because I don't like 10 man content at all in MMOs. I prefer 4 man and below for my personal comfort zone. So I will probably never find it because I don't seek it.
  5. Well, I also know I don't like challenging content as well. The raiders just add to it. I am not a challenge seeker. I mod single player games to be in god mode basically because that is what I enjoy. I don't enjoy feeling weak. And like I said I don't care if they are backstabbers or not. I would not trust them because of my past regardless. I also hate visual noise in raids as well. They go overboard even with lowered settings to the point I can't see poop. GW2 is not the only one who does this in thinking more lights and visual noise so the player can't see is a good design. I can't stand i
  6. I am going to respond to these two atm then add in a third response with the one you posed to me earlier when I was asleep. I am just bad at forum formating , so you won't see it. It is all linked though. 1. I disagree with that statement because people are not stupid. A lot know what they want and don't want in a game. So no push should be necessary at all. I know I will never like PvP in games, so being pushed to WvW where I have to actively kill other players is something I know I will never like. Pushing me there even slightly would just make me quit the game or not do it at all. I al
  7. Eh, I get why, but like I said I also know anger is a small thing on the grand scheme of things. It's why you don't make decisions when you are angry. It just leads to disaster. It is just hard for me to take serious. I am one of those who prefers to remain calm, so yeah, it's just how I see it. But thank you for the talks, but I need to go to bed. It is late. /peace
  8. I know all that which is why I never said to not vent, and I do get tempers can rise. But imo that is exactly that. They are just tempers which soon sizzle out to normalcy which is why I am happy people still post positive stuff. (Not referring to turtles directly here since I remain indifferent to it since I don't do metas in general. I have no place to talk about game balance when it comes to how it should be for that DE event.)
  9. I know, but I still don't like it. lolz Why do you think I am this way though? It was because of the old WoW forums before they changed them to new format(Not unless they changed again). That place is what caused me to seek balance on forums to try to avoid that from happening.(Yes, I know single old me can't actually do anything, but I can at least try.)
  10. I am not talking game balance here. I am talking negative to positive balance.
  11. I don't need to make them when more and more are making them now. Things have improved greatly since that post.(The one I was responding too which was made on 3/7). It is more balanced now, so I am actually quite content. And I know there are happy people in game since a lot don't use the forums in comparison to actual users. I just don't think forums should all be complaining even it is justified or not. Like I said, I seek balance.
  12. Having playing FF14 since it is one of my 4 main MMOs I play(Gw2 is one), people are oversimplifying it, but there is complexity in timings and such. But with GW2, I agree with you since only certain combos work well with each other. So it really is an illusion of choice in the end with only so many being actually good for most things with limited weapon choices. Being forced to use some you hate. It's why I prefer FF14 over GW2 combat(well one of the reasons at least) because yeah it is homogenized, but it is one of the most balanced games out there. All jobs(classes) are viable there, so it
  13. Like I already stated, I know a lot won't agree on it, but I don't care at this point. I am set in my ways.
  14. I'll be honest here. Gear check will always be toxicity in my opinion and you don't do enough damage because that kind of talk is elitism in my eyes. And I personally despise Elitism because to me it is people lording over others. It doesn't matter if they mean it or not. The very fact you have requirements makes it toxic, and I will call it just that. I know a lot would disagree with me there, but I have had this opinion a long time in games and all the MMO play. Just my take at least. /shrug
  15. Collectors mainly and it was advertised as a main feature of the expansion.(Not going into DE debate here). But yeah that is why a lot want it even though most will only use it once or twice. It's just a thing people do with new shinies. Personally for me I only want it to say I have it.
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