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  1. Hey, like the title said i just wanted to know if i can still do them in any way?
  2. Hey, sorry for the late answer. and yes i havnt had character limit set to the highest. after i turned it up i could see all the effects. thanks big time for the help.
  3. Aye, Im currently playing on maxed out settings but cant see weather effects like rain also i can hear them clearly. But the worst thing is i cant see some of the raid mechanics like 1 of cairns aoe attacks. are these some kind of bugs or is there something specific i need to keep in mind when looking at my settings?
  4. Hey Guys, I googled for a while and checked the forums but couldnt find anything about it. For the case that i just missed the information, im sorry. My Problem: Last week when i logged in, the "returning to living world" season 3 was active or the begining of season 4 im not to sure right now and i was patiently waiting for the "returning to living world" thing to reach season 4 episode 5 that im still missing. Today i logged in and got the icebrood saga episode 3 for free. Sooo, did we just skip all the episodes in between an
  5. hi guys, currently im playing on elonas reach and its pretty mutch dead no matter which time im going into wvw i nearly never see people or even commanders. that makes it really hard to make any progress or even beeing fun. can u guys tell me which servers are pretty active and to which times? my timezone is gmt+2 thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for all your replies guys, seems like the best option for me is doing cm+t4 fractals and promoting t5 mats to t6 😄
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering what is more efficient for getting T6 matts like vicious claws, powerfull venom sacks and the rest of them. Is buying them with gold while i farm dungeons/fractals or just directly farming the matts from the map rotation rewards more efficient? or are there even more efficient ways i could get the t6 matts?
  8. Hey Guys, Im playing this game since the beta and picked it up a few days ago after i paused since a few months after raids first released. Ranger was my first class, love on first sight still main him nowdays. But i feel like ranger was always bad or at least everything he could do it felt to me another class could do better, sometimes it could and still can get frustraiting because no one really ever likes rangers in their team no matter the ranger subclass i play.. i still love playing ranger, still my favourite class but with the above said in mind
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